Ukraine Looking Away from the West

Viktor Yanukovich


Ukraine is taking more steps to move towards Russia and away from the West:

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court essentially nullified the amendments that paved the way for greater democracy after the Orange Revolution, giving the pro-Russia president greater powers…

Supporters say Ukraine needs a strong hand to guide it through economic and political crisis. But critics say the decision will enable President Viktor Yanukovich, who was elected in a hard-fought contest in February this year, to rapidly consolidate power and carry out a far-reaching political agenda.

That agenda has included repairing Ukraine’s tattered relations with Moscow, ending its bid to join the Western military alliance NATO, and perhaps seeking to give Russian – spoken by nearly half of Ukrainians – official language status.

“This is disastrous. It will make Ukraine look more like its eastern neighbors, like Belarus or Uzbekistan, and eliminate the checks and balances,” says Volodymir Horbach, an analyst with the independent Institute of Euro-Atlantic Integration in Kiev.  (Weir F.  Ukraine court reverses Orange Revolution, hands president more power. Christian Science Monitor, 1 October 2010.

The ancient Medes seem to include some in Russia and the Ukraine.

In the first century, Josephus wrote:

Japhet, the son of Noah, had seven sons: they inhabited so, that, beginning at the mountains Taurus and Amanus, they proceeded along Asia…they called the nations by their own names…Now as to Javan and Madai, the sons of Japhet; from Madai came the Madeans, who are called Medes, by the Greeks… Thobel founded the Thobelites, who are now called Iberes; and the Mosocheni were founded by Mosoch…And so many were the countries that had the children of Japhet for their inhabitants. (Josephus. Antiquities of the Jews. VI, 1).

The late John Ogwyn wrote:

The tribes who traced their descent from the ancient Medes moved a little north and west to lay claim to the rich farmland of Little Russia, the Ukraine. From Meshech and Tubal came the Great Russians, who spread north and east, eventually establishing Moscow and the principality of Muscovy. The River Moskva, named for the people of Meshech (called Mushki or Moschi anciently), gave its name to the city and principality (Ogwyn J. What’s Ahead for Russia? Tomorrow’s World Magazine, May-June 2000).

Biblically (because of prophecies involving the Medes and some in the “north and east” in Daniel 11:44), it would seem that Russia would be closer to Ukraine in the end.  The election of Viktor Yanukovich seemed to be a step in that direction (as a later naval proposal did as well Russian Naval Bases in Ukraine Planned to Counter European Union), and this court decision is another (Yanukovich To Be Ukraine President and Invited to Moscow).  But it should also be mentioned that Bible prophecy indicates that there will be some type of cooperation between Russia and its allies and Europe for a while after the European Beast power has risen up (Revelation 13:3-4).

However, Bible prophecy shows that ultimately Russia and its allies (likely to include Ukraine) will turn against the European Beast power.

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