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American and British Aircraft Carriers Are Used As Parts of Threats and Wars


We in the Living Church of God have long warned of the future decline of the military might of the Anglo-American nations.

The recent financial problems in the USA are expected to cause it to lose its military dominance (see LCG: What if We Can’t Afford the Military?).

But the United Kingdom has been experiencing this for decades, and even more in the past decade.  Notice the following news item:

Exclusive: Cash strapped Navy cuts destroyer fleet

The Royal Navy has mothballed almost half of its remaining fleet of destroyers as it desperately attempts to save money in the face of a plunging budget.

Telegraph, London – Oct 4, 2008

The Fleet now has just five air defence warships left to protect vessels missile or aircraft attack at a time when other nations such as China, India and Iran are investing heavily in anti-ship warfare.

Three Type 42 destroyers – Exeter, Nottingham and Southampton – have been “parked up” in Portsmouth at “reduced readiness” up to two years before they were due to be decommissioned…

Britain’s force of destroyers and frigates has now been reduced from 35 to 22 in the last decade despite government promises it would not slip below 25.

It will be another two years before the first of six of the highly sophisticated Type 45 destroyers can be deployed on operations leaving a “gaping hole” in defences.

Pressures on the Navy’s budget are immense with cuts of 20 per cent predicted in the next decade reducing the ship building budget to by £4 billion to £14 billion.

Senior Navy commanders have told The Daily Telegraph that the nation is taking “serious risks” in protecting carrier groups or amphibious flotillas and have accused the Government of neglecting the Fleet that protects the 90 per cent of Britain’s imported trade.

It has already ditched the excellent air protection offered by Sea Harriers which were disbanded two years ago and at least two Type 42s have gone on operations with their advanced Sea Dart air defence missiles disabled to save cash.

Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, said the Government was attempting to “castrate the Navy” by tying up ships in dock…

Richard Scott, Editor of Jane’s Navy International, said the Navy was taking “risk on risk” with its neglect of anti-air and anti-submarine warfare.

“Type 42 destroyers have crept over horizon without anyone noticing. We have lost a third of the fleet in the last 10 years. The question remains is where’s it all going to end up?”

With the Armed Forces so overstretched the Navy has been forced to provide sailors and Royal Marines to fight in land-locked Afghanistan where it will make up half the force of 8,000 British troops for the next six months.

The financial problems in both the UK and the USA will result in those nations asking and expecting the EU to fill in the gaps (which some within the EU are now hoping to do, see for example, France Wants Greater EU Military).  And while the UK is in the EU, the European Union will still turn against it.

The Bible both predicted the rise and the fall of the Anglo-American powers.  It also predicts the rise of a massive European power led by the King of the North that will have ties to an ecumenical form of religion claiming to be Christianity.  More and more pieces needed for the fulfillment of future Bible prophecies are coming together.

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