VOA: US Observes Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day

Portrait of a man said to be Christopher Columbus (Wikipedia)


Today, used to be simply called Columbus Day in the USA, but that changed in this century. Voice of America reported the following:

US Observes Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day

October 11, 2021

The United States observes its Columbus Day holiday on Monday as well Indigenous Peoples Day.

Columbus Day has been a federal holiday since 1971 to celebrate the 1492 landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.

Recognition of the violence, disease and other suffering inflicted by European nations on the people already living in the Western Hemisphere has in recent years prompted a reevaluation of the holiday, including calls for its abolishment and new commemorations of indigenous populations.

U.S. President Joe Biden last week issued the first-ever presidential proclamation of Indigenous Peoples Day to be observed Monday.

“Today, we also acknowledge the painful history of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on tribal nations and indigenous communities,” Biden wrote. “It is a measure of our greatness as a nation that we do not seek to bury these shameful episodes of our past — that we face them honestly, we bring them to the light, and we do all we can to address them.” https://www.voanews.com/a/us-observes-columbus-day-indigenous-peoples-day/6265612.html

Joe Biden is correct that there were many “wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on tribal nations and indigenous communities.”

Christopher Columbus was a flawed, and often cruel, visionary. Yet, God’s Grace is For All.

A while back, a reader sent me a link to a paper about some of Christopher Columbus’ flawed religious plans:

The Libro is not really a book in the conventional sense, but rather a collection of passages culled from the Bible (Genesis to Revelation); numerous ancient authors such as Aristotle, Ptolemy, Seneca; church fathers such as Augustine, Jerome, Chrysostom; and medieval authors including Aquinas, d’Ailly, Joachim of Fiore, and Roger Bacon. It also includes extracts from the Qur’an and the writings of a number of Muslims such as Alfraganus and Averroes. This collection was meant to be used in the composition of a long poem to be presented to the King and Queen. The poem was never completed, but the original manuscript has, amazingly, survived, and today it is housed at the Biblioteca Columbina attached to the Cathedral in Seville.

It is believed the Libro de las profecı´as was compiled during the period between Columbus’s return from the third voyage in late October 1500 and the beginning of the fourth voyage in May 1502. However a passage referring to being in Jamaica in 1504 may indicate that he took a draft along on the final voyage in order to make additions or corrections suggested by his friend Fray Gaspar Gorricio, a Carthusian monk. …

The cover letter that Columbus inserted in the notebook begins: “Most Christian and very exalted princes, the reason which I have for the restitution of the Holy Sepulchre to the Holy Church militant is the following” (Libro 1500–1502 [Thacher 1904, vol. III: 660]). It is an urgent letter that warns them the end of the world will take place in 155 years. This date was arrived at by the common practice of using biblical genealogies to calculate the number of years from Creation, to Christ, to the current year. In this instance Columbus cites Elucidario astronomice concordie cum theological & hystorica veritate by his most crucial source—Pierre d’Ailly: “From Adam to our Lord Jesus Christ there are 5343 years and 318 days, according to the account of the King Don Alonso [sic; should be Alfonso] … adding to this 1501 incomplete years [i.e., the year he is writing], makes in all 6845” (Libro 1500–1502 [Thacher 1904, vol. III: 662]). The end point is fixed—the duration of the world is only seven millennia based on the notion that the seven days of Creation compute to seven thousand earth years. Columbus cites “St. Augustine who says that the end of this world is to come in the seventh millenary of years from its creation… [so] according to this account, there are only lacking 155 years to complete the 7000, in which year … the world must end” (op. cit). …

In late fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century Spain there was a widely circulated notion of “a last world emperor” who would fulfill what was known as the unum ovile et unun pastor prophecy of John, 10: 16: “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd” (my emphasis). This emperor would fight the Antichrist and reestablish Christian sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Holy Land. As noted, Columbus believed this ruler was to come from Spain; https://www.amherst.edu/system/files/columbus.pdf accessed 01/25/20

So, let us consider some of this and its possible ramifications.

First, yes, it was long believed that God had a seven-thousand year plan. The ‘school of Elijah’ has been credited as the source, and that would have been 8 or 9 centuries before Jesus was born on the earth.

Jews and early Christians believed this.

However, Christopher Columbus (known in Spanish as Cristóbal Colón) was in error about the timing.

Not only is the 7,000 years not up, the 6000 years God allowed humans to rule themselves is not yet up, but is quite close to being so (see Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? What Year Does the 6,000 Years End?).

Next, the Book of Revelation says nothing about Christians trying to take over Jerusalem prior to the second coming of Jesus.

However, Greco-Roman Catholic prophecies, which also discuss a coming human emperor (often called “the Great Monarch” who seems to have a lot in common with the biblical King of the North) do.

Notice some Catholic private prophecies/writings that support the view that this leader, like the biblical King of the North, has a major impact in Jerusalem towards the beginning of his reign:

St. Thomas a’Beckett (12th century): A knight shall come from the West. He shall capture … the three Crowns. He shall then sail … and reach Christ’s grave where he will fight. (Dupont Y. Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement. TAN Books, Rockford (IL), 1973, p.16)

Blessed Joannes Amadeus de Sylva (died 1482): Germany and Spain will unite under a great prince … After much slaughtering, the other nations will be forced to come into this union. There is no hope for the unbelievers until all of Germany is converted; then all will happen quickly … the time will be prolonged until all countries unite under the Great Ruler. After this union, mass conversions will take place … (Connor, Prophecy for Today, p. 34). Connor, p. 34).

Abbot ‘Merlin’ Joachim (died 1202) A remarkable Pope … shall recover the kingdom of Jerusalem … in order to obtain these happy results, having need of powerful assistance, this Holy Pontiff will ask the cooperation of the generous monarch of France (Great Monarch). (Connor, Edward. Prophecy for Today. Imprimatur + A.J. Willinger, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno; Reprint: Tan Books and Publishers, Rockford (IL), 1984, p. 32)

Eastern Orthodox Scholar Helen Tzima Otto (2000): Of course, Jerusalem will be invaded in WWIII and finally liberated by the Great Monarch. (Tzima Otto, H. The Great Monarch and WWIII in Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Scriptural Prophecies. Verenika Press, Rock City (SC), 2000, p. 316)

Monk Adso (10th century). “Some of our Teachers say that a King of the Franks will possess the entire Roman Empire. He will be the greatest and the last of all Monarchs. After having wisely governed his kingdom, he will go in the end to Jerusalem and will lay down his sceptre and his crown upon the Mount of Olives…” (Dupont, p.18).

It would seem that Christopher Columbus was aware of some of those Catholic prophecies.

Sadly, when many people see some of what Jesus said that they should be looking for, instead of being concerned about this leader, they will apparently embrace him.

There are, however, some Greco-Roman Catholics (apparently a minority) who could oppose this as the following suggests:

Catholic writer Paul Thigpen warns, “Looking for the Great Monarch, then, who does not appear in Scripture, might lead to overlooking the Antichrist who does. It might even lead to–a more disturbing thought–to mistaking the Antichrist for the Great Monarch. After all, lesser antichrists of the past such as Hitler and Stalin have seduced followers with visions of grand and glorious earthly kingdoms. Surely Antichrist of the last days will do the same.” (Penn L. False dawn: the United Religions Initiative, globalism, and the quest for a one-world religion. Sophia Perennis, 2005, p. 420)

Priest Herman Kramer (20th century): The False Prophet … will persuade all infidels, apostates and apostate nations to worship and adore him … Antichrist “sitteth in the temple of God” (I Thes. II. 4) … possibly one of the churches in Jerusalem or St. Peter’s in Rome … The False Prophet will proclaim the resurrection of the Roman Empire … The word “image” is in the singular number, indicating only one statue, which he may set up in the great church, St. Peter’s (Kramer H.B. L. The Book of Destiny. Nihil Obstat: J.S. Considine, O.P., Censor Deputatus. Imprimatur: +Joseph M. Mueller, Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa, January 26, 1956. Reprint TAN Books, Rockford (IL), p. 320-323).

The King of the North, presuming he is also considered to be the Great Monarch, will be involved with Jerusalem and biblically is dangerous.

Additionally, some Catholic writers clearly have understood that the two-horned beast in Revelation 13 is likely to be an antipope and that a negative power will be established in Jerusalem:

Priest E. Sylvester Berry (published 1920): The two horns denote a twofold authority – spiritual and temporal. As indicated by the resemblance to a lamb, the prophet will probably set himself up in Rome as a sort of anti-pope…Antichrist will establish himself in Jerusalem…with his ‘lying wonders’… (Berry ES. The Apocalypse of St. John, 1920. Quoted in Culleton RG. The Reign of Antichrist. Reprint 1974, TAN Books, Rockford (IL), pp. 199-200).

Much of the above teaching is consistent with certain scriptures.

Although most in the Protestant world that watch prophecy, as well as perhaps most in the Catholic world, have confused who the Antichrist is (many modern Protestants think he is the Beast of the Sea), various Catholic sources have correctly declared that the False Prophet is (or likely is) the final Antichrist. This was also the position of the Catholic saint Augustine (Augustine. City of God, Book XX, Chapter 14. Translated by Marcus Dods. From Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First Series, Vol. 2. Edited by Philip Schaff. (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1887.) Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. <http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/120120.htm>.Culleton, The Reign of Antichrist, p. 117).

Anyway, part of the point of this post is to emphasize that Christopher Columbus was highly influenced by Catholic prophecy.

It was a driving factor for him. It partially led to him changing the world.

Do not think that in the 21st century that the world will not be affected by Greco-Roman Catholic and other non-biblical prophecies.

Many are part of Satan’s plan.

That being said, the local school district here stopped having Columbus Day as a holiday several years ago.

They felt that Columbus should not be honored in light of various atrocities he was involved in.

The fact remains, however, that Columbus did open up the Americas (yes, I know there is evidence that various others, like the Vikings, came to the Americas before him) to the world and that God does have a plan that is being worked out on this earth.

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