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The financial news for the USA and much of the world was not especially positive yesterday.  Now China may affect it as well:

China stimulus may knock U.S. Treasuries near term

Reuters – Nov 12, 2008

NEW YORK (Reuters) – China’s mammoth economic stimulus package announced this week is the latest piece of bad news for U.S. Treasury bonds as the market prepares for a borrowing requirement to fund the U.S. government’s bailout of the banking system.

Bond investors are concerned China may either trim its huge U.S. Treasuries holdings to pay for the country’s $586 billion stimulus package, or slow its purchases of U.S. government debt.

To make matters worse, analysts expect a huge acceleration in U.S. government debt issuance running to some $2 trillion over the next year, swelling the size of the $4.9 trillion Treasury market and weighing on the prices of these securities.

Add it up and prices should fall and yields surge, analysts worry.

While the USA NEEDS someone to buy its debt, or essentially fall apart economically, it need not necessarily be China.  And while Japan is a big buyer of USA debt, it is possible that even the Europeans will buy some.

It may be of interest to note that in the past couple of months, European leaders have essentially told the USA that if it followed European practices it would not be in the mess that it is now in.  The Europeans seem to be sending a signal to the world that they intend to be the solution to the USA and the world’s banking system (see for example Dow, FTSE, Nikkei, Hang Seng, DAX, & CAC Drop, And Europe Plots).

Notice the following news item:

France’s Sarkozy questions dollar’s supremacy

Associated Press – Nov 13, 2008

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says the U.S. dollar should no longer be seen as “the only global currency” that it has been since World War II.The French leader says he will deliver that message to leaders of the Group of 20 major world economies at a summit in Washington this weekend to discuss the global financial crisis.

Did you know that the late Herbert W. Armstrong indicated decades ago that something like this would happen?

PCG’s Gerald Flurry reported:

Herbert W. Armstrong warned of a gigantic financial crisis that would shake the economic world. He said this unparalleled crisis would motivate Europe to unite into a great superpower.

He wrote in July 1984 that a banking meltdown in America “could suddenly result in triggering European nations to unite as a new world power larger than either the Soviet Union or the U.S. That, in turn, could bring on the Great Tribulation suddenly. And that will lead quickly to the Second Coming of Christ, and end of this world as we know it” (emphasis his).

The truth is that Herbert W. Armstrong did have a grasp of biblical and prophetic matters.

And while the end is not yet here, events are lining up for the Europeans to become the dominant economic force in the world and the USA to be an also ran debtor nation.

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