Britain Can Do ‘Nothing’ To Prevent Argentina from Retaking the Falkland Islands?

Palace of Westminster in London


In its latest TW News & Prophecy, LCG reported:

Britain can do “nothing” to prevent Argentina retaking Falkland Islands

Britain can do “nothing” to prevent Argentina retaking Falkland Islands read a recent headline in the British Telegraph. “The head of the Naval task force in the Falklands War has warned that defense cuts mean Britain can now do ‘precisely nothing’ to prevent Argentina retaking the islands…. a substantial task force of two aircraft carriers, a dozen frigates and destroyers, four submarines and a total of 100 surface ships along with 25,000 servicemen were to retake the Falklands in 1982. But the Royal Navy no longer has aircraft carriers, has lost its force of Harrier jump jets and seen its warship fleet cut in half over the last decade” (Telegraph, June 12, 2011). British Prime Minister Cameron recently commented on how the Falklands are unquestionably British. In response, Argentina’s president reprimanded Mr. Cameron for his “mediocrity and stupidity” while also labeling Britain a “crude colonial power in decline&qu ot; (Telegraph, June 17, 2011).

God promised to give the Israelite-descended nations the “gates of their enemies”–which would include the sea gates that Britain and the U.S. once possessed. Now, not only does it appear that Britain will soon lose its two remaining sea gates (Falklands and Gibraltar), but also that the pride of their power is truly broken (Leviticus 26:19)–all due to a rejection of God and His ways.

The Falkland Islands are one of the last sea gates (Gilbraltar is the other) that the UK still has. Many decades ago, the late Herbert W. Armstrong warned that he felt that the major sea gates would be taken from the USA and the UK.

Ultimately, when the UK is no more (if not before), I suspect that Argentina will end up with the Falklands.

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