Canada and USA stand alone in Western Hemisphere


Canada and the USA are the only two of 33 nations at a conference for nations of the Western Hemisphere that continue to back keeping Cuba out: – ‎14 April 2012 AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa) By Frank Bajak and Vivian Sequera Associated Press / April 14, 2012 CARTAGENA, Colombia—A summit of 33 Western Hemisphere leaders opens Saturday with the United States and Canadastanding firm, but alone, against everyone else’s insistence that Cuba join future summits.

The Sixth Summit of the Americas has also taken on a somewhat tabloid tinge with 12 U.S. Secret Service agents sent home for alleged misconduct that apparently included days of heavy pre-summit poolside drinking.

U.S. President Barack Obama is among dozens of heads of state who are in Colombia for the Summit of the Americas.

The 33 presidents and prime ministers from Canada, the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America are meeting in the resort town of Cartagena…There is also an increasing demand for the U.S. to end its five-decade-long embargo on Cuba and allow it to rejoin the Organization of American States.  Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is boycotting the summit to protest Cuba’s absence  and others are warning it should be the last without the communist-run island’s participation.

President Obama can also expect to be in the minority in his opposition to Argentina’s claim to the British-controlled Falkland islands.

Washington’s influence in Latin America has waned since the last summit in 2009, as the region increases its economic and diplomatic ties with emerging economies such as China and India.

Canada and the USA are sticking together on other issues as well.  Like the USA, “Canada has been a supporter of Britain in the Falklands” (

Much of the rest of the Western Hemisphere differs with the USA and Canada on the Falklands.

The time for Anglo-domination of the world’s economy and military is coming to an end as the final time of the Gentiles is close to being upon the world.  Overall, the Gentile economies of South America have been improving and been becoming more independent from the Anglo-nations during the past several years (much of the Caribbean is still highly linked to the Anglo-nations, though some of that is changing).  And other Gentile powers outside the Western Hemisphere such as Germany, India, and China are also rising up.

Notice something I received in an email yesterday:

Chris Mayer’s World Right Side Up book is finally out…Mayer points out that sometime in the last 10 years, the world economy doubled in size at the same time the balance of the world’s emerging wealth shifted away from the United States and toward all various parts of the world. The gap between us and them began to narrow. The world’s emerging markets began to make up half the global economy…

Russia, which was a basket case in my living memory, has passed the UK. Turkey (who even talks about this country?) is larger than Australia. China might already be bigger than the United States.

Check these growth rates…and compare to the US’s pathetic numbers: Malaysia and Malawi: 7.1%; Nicaragua: 7.6%; Dominican Republic 7.8%; Sri Lanka: 8.0%; Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Brazil, and Peru: 8.5%; India: 8.8%; Turkey and Turkmenistan: 9%; China: 10%; Singapore and Paraguay: 14.9%…In this book, he uses this combination of smarts plus fanatical curiosity to examine all the main contenders for the future: Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, China, India, the UAE, Syria, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Argentina, Russia, Turkey, central Asia, Mexico and Canada…

Nicaragua is not socialist. Medellín, Colombia (the “city of eternal spring”), is not violent. Brazil is no longer a land of rich and poor, but rather home to the world’s largest middle class. China is the world’s largest market for cars and cellphones; even in the rural areas you can buy Coke and a Snickers bar. India is the world’s leader in minting new millionaires. Cambodia (Cambodia!) ranks among the world’s most powerful magnets for investment capital. Mongolia has one of the world’s best-performing stock markets.

He also discovers many large American companies that have seen the writing on the wall and opened up factories, manufacturing plants, financial services and retail shops all over emerging markets.  (Tucker J. It’s a New World, and America Is Not Leading It.  Daily Reckoning, April 13, 2012)

And while I do not agree completely with all the assessments above (Germany and others in Europe will play a bigger role than Chris Mayer seems to believe), it is true that Gentile nations are starting to rise up economically and that change is occurring in many Gentile countries.  And the Anglo-powers are being surpassed by countries that used to have little international economic impact.

Prophetically, the fate of Canada will be quite similar to that of the USA (as will the UK, Australia, and New Zealand), while those of much of the rest of the Western Hemisphere will ultimately likely be more tied to Europe as we get closer to the end.

Events continue to align with properly understood biblical prophecy.

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