French vote gives leftists most seats over right, but leaves hung parliament and deadlock


The French electorate turned back from Marine Le Pen’s party in yesterday’s election:

French vote gives leftists most seats over far right, but leaves hung parliament and deadlock

July 8, 2024

PARIS (AP) — A coalition of the French left won the most seats in high-stakes legislative elections Sunday, beating back a far-right surge but failing to win a majority. The outcome left France, a pillar of the European Union and Olympic host country, facing the stunning prospect of a hung parliament and political paralysis.

The political turmoil could rattle markets and the French economy, the EU’s second-largest, and have far-ranging implications for the war in Ukraine, global diplomacy and Europe’s economic stability. …

According to the official results released early Monday, all three main blocs fell far short of the 289 seats needed to control the 577-seat National Assembly, the more powerful of France’s two legislative chambers.

A hung parliament is unknown territory for modern France.  …

Even before votes were cast, the election redrew France’s political map. It galvanized parties on the left to put differences aside and join together in the new leftist alliance. It pledges to roll back many of Macron’s headline reforms, embark on a massively costly program of public spending and take a far tougher line against Israel because of the war with Hamas.

Macron described the left’s coalition as “extreme” and warned that its economic program of many tens of billions of euros in public spending, partly financed by tax hikes for high earners and on wealth, could be ruinous for France, already criticized by EU watchdogs for its debt.

Yet, the New Popular Front’s leaders immediately pushed Macron to give the alliance the first chance to form a government and propose a prime minister.

The most prominent of the leftist coalition’s leaders, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, said it “is ready to govern.”

July 8, 2024

Mélenchon has long been a figure on the left, first in the Socialist Party and as a senator. He founded the hard-left France Unbowed party in 2016 but failed to reach the presidential runoff in 2017 and 2022. He then allied his party with the Socialists, Communists and greens to form the New Popular Ecological and Social Union.

Mélenchon is a divisive figure who angers many moderates. The alliance fell into disarray because of divisions over the Hamas-Israel war. The France Unbowed party condemned the conduct of Israel’s war against Hamas and accused it of pursuing genocide against Palestinians. Party leaders denied antisemitism.

8 July 2024

This surprise upset which has reduced the National Rally (RN) to third place – with perhaps 150 seats compared with predictions a week ago of nearly 300 – is due entirely to voters turning out in large numbers to stop them.

The RN will argue – with some justice – that this was only possible because the other parties came together to play the system.

They note that the disparate parties of the left all suddenly forgot their differences to form a new anti-RN coalition; and then that the Macronites and the left forgot their differences too.

They note that nothing unites these politicians (from Edouard Philippe on the centre right to Philippe Poutou of the Trotskyist left) except their opposition to the RN. And that this lack of agreement bodes ill for the future.

There have been protests by the left and the right in France.

A hung parliament is an unstable one.

France is looking more like a “house divided” (Matthew 12:25).

Jacob, called Israel by God, said the following to his son Reuben:

3 “Reuben, you are my firstborn,
My might and the beginning of my strength,
The excellency of dignity and the excellency of power.
4 Unstable as water, you shall not excel,
Because you went up to your father’s bed;
Then you defiled it —
He went up to my couch.  (Genesis 49:3-4)

Various writers, in and not in Church of God groups, have pointed to France as being at least partially descended from the tribe of Reuben. Hence, they have applied the unstable prophecy to France.

Expect civil unrest in France.

Now, last month a reader sent me a link to an article in Italian ( related to some Roman Catholic private prophecies, which I machine-translated into English:

France will be destroyed – Prophecies

June 18, 2024

We are approaching that terrifying civil war which will affect France first and then Italy.
“ France will descend into a terrible anarchy. The French will have a desperate civil war in the course of which even the old men will take up arms .”  Blessed Taigi
“The revolution will explode in Italy, almost at the same time as in France… England will also have much to suffer. The revolution will spread to every French city.  There will be a great massacre.  This revolution will only last a few months but it will be terrible;  blood will flow everywhere because the malice of the wicked will reach its peak.  The victims will be countless. Paris will look like a slaughterhouse… The wicked will be the masters for a year and a few months. In those days, France will not receive any human help. She will be alone and defenseless. Paris will be almost entirely destroyed. ”   Ecstasy of Tours
“ The persecutions against the Church will be even greater,  but they will not last for long. All churches will be closed… The priests will have to hide. The wicked will try to destroy everything religious, but they will not have enough time. Many bishops and priests will be put to death.  The Archbishop of Paris will be assassinated. Many other priests in Paris will have their throats cut,  because they won’t have time to find a place to hide…”  Estatic from Tours
When peace seems to be approaching (conference in Switzerland…we are starting to talk about negotiations for Ukraine which will, however, be ephemeral), while in reality the real war (with Russia) is looming on the horizon, in France there will be a civil war with related persecution of many Catholics.
This quatrain seemed to be in line with other prophecies of mystics and seers.
“ The war is near .  It will be started with false peace treaties , treaties that we should not trust. Many countries should be involved, including: China, Romania, Russia and the United States. Initially Poland will also be involved, but when the Holy Father leaves Rome, going first to France and then to Poland, Poland will be protected… this is why conversion is so important now.”  Patricia Talbot, Ecuador
“ When those things are accomplished which will produce the triumph of the Church… In France two factions will be formed which will fight each other to the death… At that time there will be a crisis so terrible that people, frightened by events, will believe that the end of the world. Blood will flow in numerous major cities.
During this revolution, which will most likely be general and not confined to France, Paris will be destroyed in such a complete manner that twenty years later, when fathers walk over its ruins with their children, they will ask what place was that, at that they will answer him: “My son, this was once a great city, which God destroyed because of its crimes.”
Paris will certainly be destroyed (as Irlmaier said).”  Father Nectou 18th century
I found this quatrain
IX .52
Peace is approaching on one side, and war,
Never has there been such great persecution,
Man, woman, innocent blood on earth will cry,
and this will be in France at all events.

Now, those are not biblical prophecies. However, I am familiar with many of the Roman Catholic private prophecies, as I have long reported them related to Paris or other parts of France.

For years, I have warned about civil unrest in France:

Will there be civil war or civil unrest in France?  While this may seem far fetched to many, it was something that was covered in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect. …

If civil war/riots/civil unrest do occur in Europe on a large scale, this likely will set the stage for the rising up of a military leader to resolve this. Catholic prophecies specifically suggest that this will happen and they tend to refer to this leader as the “Great Monarch” (or the “Great King”).

This “Great Monarch”, however, seems to have a lot in common with the prophesied final King of the North and Beast from the Bible. So, if there is major civil unrest across Europe, and likely including France, this would seem to indicate that this leader will rise up fairly soon.

Austerity measures in Europe may also cause civil unrest. (Thiel B. Civil Unrest in France? COGwriter, September 12, 2010)

Civil unrest in Europe is expected. Places such as France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Eastern Europe have potential for this occurrence. In addition to austerity measures, Islamic protests and immigration related issues will also likely be factors in flaming protests and devastating riots. Expanded civil unrest will have major impacts on the euro and on Europe itself. (Thiel B. Civil Unrest in Greece (and it was predicted. COGwriter, December 15, 2010)

Paris and other parts of France may be in for a rough time. …

The Bible also tells of a time when a European power will reorganize (Revelation 17:12-13). While I do not believe that we are to the point of fulfilling the reorganization required by Revelation 17:12-13, it seems that a variety of steps will be necessary for the final reorganization to occur. Some of those steps, especially if they involve austerity/budget cuts and immigration policies, may stir more violent protests in the future. Violent protests can lead to militaristic leaders rising up, and a major militaristic leader rising up is consistent with biblical prophecy (cf. Daniel 11:39-44; Revelation 13:3-4). (Thiel B. France Gets a New President: Could France Later Have Riots? COGwriter, May 15, 2012)

Europe should expect civil unrest and rioting.  The President of Italy now publicly worries about it, others in Europe have concerns (see Nigel Farage expecting violent revolution in Europe), and France is also at risk. …

If civil war/riots/civil unrest do occur in Europe on a larger scale, this likely will set the stage for the rising up of a military leader to resolve this. Catholic prophecies specifically suggest that this will happen and they tend to refer to this leader as the “Great Monarch” (or the “Great King”)–of course, Catholic prophecies also have certain contradictions–but many are consistent with biblical prophecy.I believe that people will point to the fulfillment of various Catholic prophecies in an effort to try to state that this was God’s will and to have a “Great Monarch” is a good thing, while we in the Continuing Church of God will claim that he is warned against in biblical prophecies.  I believe that the Catholic prophecies are part of Satan’s Plan to deceive and most will be deceived (Matthew 24:24), as they will be “giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).

The belief that those in France (as shown in certain Catholic prophecies above) will turn to “Mary” is consistent with certain biblical (Isaiah 47; Revelation 17; 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12) and other Catholic prophecies as detailed in my book Fatima Shock! Additionally, the current Pope Francis has also been taking steps to try to turn people to “Mary” which is consistent with various prophecies (Pope Francis: Could this Marian Focused Pontiff be Fulfilling Prophecy?).

The“Great Monarch” of Catholic prophecy seems to have a lot in common with the prophesied final King of the North and Beast from the Bible. So, if there is major civil unrest across Europe, and likely including France, this would seem to indicate that this leader could rise up fairly soon. (Thiel B. Italy’s President warns of social unrest in 2014; concerns also arise in France. COGwriter, December 18, 2013)

Civil unrest and/or civil war will erupt in Europe. Places such as France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Greece, and Eastern Europe (like Slovenia, Croatia, Moldova, and Bulgaria) have potential for this occurrence. (Thiel B. France’s Hollande: Terrorists commit ‘an act of war’ in Paris–will Paris be destroyed? COGwriter, November 14, 2015)

The President of France is making changes related to Islam in his country … This may result in Islamic civil unrest in France. Europe should expect civil unrest, violence, and rioting. (Thiel B. Is France’s Macron going to trigger Islamic civil unrest? COGwriter, February 23, 2020)

Future terrorism is expected in France, as well as other parts of Europe… (Thiel B. Protests in France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere in Europe. COGwriter, October 20, 2022)

Future terrorism, beyond political protests, is expected in France, as well as other parts of Europe and the USA and Canada, etc. (see also Why Terrorism? Is Terrorism Prophesied?). (Thiel B. ‘Emmanuel Macron Paris Erupts As Hundreds Of Thousands Of French Citizens Riot In The Streets Protesting The Latest Move Of Antichrist-In-Training Emmanuel Macron’ COGwriter, March 25, 2023)

The time will come when France and the much of the rest of Europe will take strong steps against Islam. (Thiel B. Protests in Paris and elsewhere in France–what is this leading to? COGwriter, June 30, 2023)

Europe, and not just France, is moving against the waves of immigration that have affected it. … Yet, expect protests and even terrorism to hit parts of Europe, including France, because of anti-migrant moves.

Steps leading to the Great Tribulation, as well as reactions in Europe against Muslims, are taking place.

“Watch” (Mark 13:37). (Thiel B. Macron warns against ‘extremes,’ while Le Pen vows to deport Islamic extremists from France. COGwriter, June 12, 2024)

So, yes, I have pointed out the expectation of severe civil unrest in France.

Why? Well, one reason is that the Bible shows that terrorism is prophesied:

14 ‘But if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these commandments, 15 and if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments, so that you do not perform all My commandments, but break My covenant, 16 I also will do this to you: I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart. And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. 17 I will set My face against you, and you shall be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you shall reign over you, and you shall flee when no one pursues you. (Leviticus 26:14-17)

25 The sword shall destroy outside; There shall be terror within (Deuteronomy 32:25)

12 “Cry and wail, son of man; For it will be against My people, Against all the princes of Israel. Terrors including the sword will be against My people; Therefore strike your thigh. (Ezekiel 21:12)

12 Behold, these are the ungodly,Who are always at ease; They increase in riches…19 Oh, how they are brought to desolation, as in a moment! They are utterly consumed with terrors. (Psalms 73:12,19)

25 Because you disdained all my counsel, And would have none of my rebuke, 26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your terror comes, 27 When your terror comes like a storm, And your destruction comes like a whirlwind, When distress and anguish come upon you. (Proverbs 1:25-27)

5 Also they are afraid of height, And of terrors in the way (Ecclesiastes 12:5).

More terrorism is expected in France, as well as other parts of Europe, the USA, and Canada, etc. (see also Why Terrorism? Is Terrorism Prophesied?).

Related to Paris, back in 2015 the Continuing Church of God put out the following video on our Bible News Prophecy YouTube channel:


The Paris office of Charlie Hebdo were attacked in January 2015 and the City of Paris was hit with multiple terrorist attacks in November 2015. Will Paris be destroyed? Is more terrorism prophesied? Will a successful militaristic leader arise in Europe? What do biblical and Roman Catholic prophecies teach? Could any non-biblical prophecies be devices of Satan that will deceive people about what will happen? Dr. Thiel answers these questions and more through scriptures and other writings.

Here is a link to our video: Terror: Will Paris be Destroyed?

Fear is a powerful motivator and many in France and elsewhere in Europe fear migrants, as well as the effects of Islamic immigration. There are various ones opposed to this (e.g. see ‘Islamized France: Controversy Erupts as Illegal Mosque Causes Chaos and Violence in Paris Suburb’).

The time will come when France, and much of the rest of Europe, will take strong steps against Islam. If the current election freezes that for a time, it will still come according to biblical prophecies.

Now, here are more private prophecies from some of the Greco-Roman leaders and saints; they predict civil unrest and war in France, including what is claimed to be the destruction of Paris:

Desmond Birch (20th century): Civil war breaks out in France and Italy at almost the same time. This is the sign given by many prophets that the Chastisement has begun..(Birch DA. Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before During and After Antichrist…The Great King will establish Peace and justice in civil matters on a worldwide basis, and protect the primacy of the Church in spiritual matters. Queenship Publishing Company, Goleta (CA), 1996, p. 554)

The Ecstatic of Tours…The revolution will spread to every French town. Wholesale slaughter will take place. This revolution will last only a few months but it will be frightful; blood will flow everywhere because the malice of the wicked will reach its highest pitch. Victims will be innumerable. Paris will look like a slaughter-house. Persecutions against the Church will be even greater, but it will not last long…Many bishops and priest will be put to death. The archbishop of Paris will be murdered…At this juncture, the French people will turn back to God and implore the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Immaculate…The French people will ask for the good King, he who was chosen by God. He will come, this saviour whom God has spared for France, this King who is not wanted now because he is dear to God’s Heart. He will ascend to the throne; he will free the church and reassert the Pope’s rights… (Dupont Yves. Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement. TAN Books, Rockford (IL), 1973, p.37)

Jeanne le Royer (Sister of the Nativity). The storm began in France, and France shall be the first theatre of its ravages after having been its cradle. (Dupont, p.59)

Prophecy of Mayence Woe to thee, great city (Paris); woe to thee, city of vice! Fire and sword shall succeed fire and famine. Courage faithful souls! The reign of the dark shadow shall not have time to execute all its schemes. But the time of mercy approaches. A prince of the nation is in your midst. He is the man of salvation, the wise, the invincible, he shall count his enterprises by his victories. He shall drive the enemy out of France, he shall march from victory to victory, until the day of divine justice. (Tzima Otto, H.  The Great Monarch and WWIII in Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Scriptural Prophecies. Verenika Press, Rock City (SC), 2000, pp. 156-147)

Foretelling the fall of France and England, the famous Jesuit Father Necton, said in 1772, “When England shall wane in power, the destruction of Paris will be near at hand” (Culligan E. The Last World War and the End of Time. The book was blessed by Pope Paul VI, 1966. TAN Books, Rockford (IL), p. 84).

Birch Tree Prophecy (Old German) “When the world becomes Godless: revolutions will break out against kings; fathers will be against sons and sons against fathers; dogma will be perverted; men will try to overthrow the Catholic Church…A terrible war will find the north fighting against the south. The south will be led by a Prince wearing a white coat with a cross on the front…” (Culleton, R. Gerald. The Prophets and Our Times. Nihil Obstat: L. Arvin. Imprimatur: Philip G. Scher, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno, November 15, 1941. Reprint 1974, TAN Books, Rockford (IL), p. 143).

Jean Paul Richter (d. 1809): Through a terrible purgatory Europe will return to the faith (Culleton, p. 182).

Monk Hilarion (d. 1476): The people of the Peninsula of Europe will suffer by unnecessary wars until the Holy Man comes (Culleton, p. 137).

Brother Louis Rocco (19th century): Terrible wars will rage all over Europe…Russia will witness many outrages. Great cities and small towns alike will be destroyed in a bloody revolution… (Dupont, p.76)

Brother Louis Rocco
 (19th century): All over Europe there will rage terrible civil wars…The German sections of Austria will join Germany, so will also the commercial cities of Belgium and Switzerland. A Catholic descendant of a German imperial house will rule a united Germany with peace, prosperity and great power, for God will be with this sovereign (the Great Monarch?)…A Great Monarch will arise after a period of terrible wars and persecutions in Europe. He will be a Catholic; he will not be a German (Culleton, p. 195).

Priest Lavinsky (died 1708): The world will be harassed by civil wars…the Cross, to the astonishment of all, will shine in double splendor through many lands because of the great ruler (Connor Edward. Prophecy for Today. Imprimatur + A.J. Willinger, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno; Reprint: Tan Books and Publishers, Rockford (IL), 1984, pp.36-37).

John of the Cleft Rock (1340): The White Eagle (Great Monarch), by order of the Archangel Michael, will drive crescent from Europe where none but Christians will remain–he himself will rule from Constantinople. An era of peace and prosperity will begin for the world. There will no longer be Protestants {there were no “Protestants” then and author Connor of that book suggests that perhaps this word should have been translated as heretics} or schismatics…God will raise up a holy Pope (Connor, pp. 33-34)

Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser (died 1658):…”When everything has been ruined by war; when Catholics are hard pressed by traitorous co-religionists and heretics; when the Church and her servants are denied their rights, the monarchies have been abolished and their rulers murdered…then the hand of Almighty God will work a marvelous change, something apparently impossible according to human understanding. There will rise a valiant monarch anointed by God. He will be a Catholic, a descendant of Louis IX, (yet) a descendant of an ancient imperial German family, born in exile. He will rule supreme in temporal matters. (Connor, pp.35-36)

Why mention any of these as they are not from the Bible?

Because some of the events predicted by Greco-Roman Catholics are consistent with biblical prophecy and many will misinterpret them.

Basically, Roman and Eastern Orthodox Catholic private prophecies indicate that because of turning away from the ‘Catholic faith’ in Europe, God will punish Europe with something called a ‘minor chastisement.’  This is called ‘minor’ to contrast it with the ‘great’ tribulation of the Bible (Matthew 24:21):

Desmond Birch (20th century): At some time in the future, the corrupt faithless age we live in now will come to an end either through repentance (immediately followed by an age of peace)–or there will be a chastisement. This would be a Minor Chastisement preceding an Age of Peace. It is not the Tribulation of the Antichrist… (Birch DA. Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before During and After Antichrist…The Great King will establish Peace and justice in civil matters on a worldwide basis, and protect the primacy of the Church in spiritual matters. Queenship Publishing Company, Goleta (CA), 1996)

The ‘minor chastisement’ seems to take place during what Jesus called “the beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:4-8), which proceeds the great tribulation (vs. 21).  While the Bible does not say whether or not Paris itself will be destroyed prior to the ‘great tribulation,’ even partial destruction of Paris may be seen by many as partial validation of Roman and Eastern Orthodox Catholic private prophecy.

Notice something that the Apostle Paul wrote:

1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, 2 speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron (1 Timothy 4:1-2).

I believe that these “doctrines of demons” are consistent with what I have called Satan’s Plan.  Satan certainly is familiar with the Bible (cf. Matthew 4:2-11), and Satan and his demons have had centuries to influence various mystics and others to record an alternative to God’s plan. We Christians realize that Satan “deceives the whole world” (Revelation 12:9):

11 lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.  (2 Corinthians 2:11)

False prophecies are one of his devices.

As far as Roman and Eastern Orthodox Catholic private prophecies go they basically teach, that because of the ‘minor chastisement’ of civil unrest and civil war, that military leaders will arise in Europe.

They teach that one of these leaders is destined to become the “Great Monarch.” He will change the Catholic faith (cf. Daniel 11:37-38), so much that some of the French clergy and cardinals will be offended:

D. Birch (20th century): Many of the prophecies speak of the fact that the Great King at first will not be well-liked, especially by the French clergy (Birch, pp. 276)

Gameleo (possibly 16th century):  The Great Lion will arise when the Holy See has been moved to Mentz, and a Sabinian elected Pope.  There will have been much dissension among the cardinals. (Culleton, The Prophets and Our Times, p. 170)

(A Sabinian appears to possibly be a diplomat or aristocrat; Mentz is the German town of Mainz.)

However, Roman Catholic prophecy also indicates that a pontiff who does miracles will crown him as the final ‘Holy Roman Emperor’:

Bl. Anna-Maria Taigi (19th Century)…”After the three days of darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity, then, will spread throughout the world. He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the stormAt the end, he will have the gift of miracles, and his name shall be praised over the whole earth (Birch, pp. 362-363).

The Great King will be crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the reigning Pope (Birch, p. 555).

This “Great Monarch,” however, seems to have a lot in common with the prophesied final King of the North (Daniel 11:21-45) and Beast of the sea from the Bible (Revelation 13:1-10).  So, if there is major civil unrest across Europe, and including France, this would seem to indicate that this leader will rise up fairly soon.

Notice an Eastern Orthodox prophecy about him, followed by a warning from the Bible:

Anonymou Paraphrasis (10th century): The one true King…is destined to become manifest [be revealed]…by means…of signs… The King will hear the voice and instructions by an Angel appearing to him…he has foresight and is cognizant of the text of the prophecies…the name of the King is hidden [concealed] among the nations…And the particular manner of the king’s manifestation to the public [to the world] will take place as follows: A star will appear [will become visible] for three days long and during the third hour of the night, on the eve of the feast day of the Mother of the Most High (it will become visible) in the Middle of the City. And this star is not one among the planets…And a herald speaking with a very loud voice in the course of the three days will summon and unveil the hoped for one…There will become visible in the sky a ‘nebulous firmament of the sun’…under that image will be suspended a cross…And the invisible herald from Heaven with his thunderous voice will say to the people: Is this man agreeable to you?  At that moment everybody will be taken by fear and terror…they will elevate him on a high spot and will proclaim him (their) hereditary Monarch (Tzima Otto, H.  The Great Monarch and WWIII in Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Scriptural Prophecies. Verenika Press, Rock City (SC), 2000, pp. 30, 31, 32, 50-51,52,53).

9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10)

So, both biblical and non-biblical prophecies point to a leader that will arise with signs and wonders. Greco-Roman Catholic prophecy looks forward to this leader, while biblical prophecy warns against him. Perhaps it should be noted that because many Church of God groups have misidentified this leader, that they will NOT realize what is happening until it is basically too late to flee (details are in the article Who is the Man of Sin of 2 Thessalonians 2?).

The Bible, in the Book of Daniel, tells of one called the King of the North (Daniel 11:21-44). In Revelation, he is called the Beast of the Sea (Revelation 13:1-10).

This leader is described as a warring man who essentially changes religion and gets people to ultimately worship him. The Bible also shows that he will specifically eliminate the nominally Protestant USA (Daniel 11:39) and then the predominantly Muslim nations of the Middle East and North Africa (Daniel 11:40-43).

Events in France are leading to the fulfillment of biblical prophecies.

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Islamic and Biblical Prophecies for the 21st Century This is a free online book which helps show where biblical and Islamic prophecies converge and diverge. Here are links to related sermons: Seeing Christianity Through Islamic Eyes, Imam Mahdi, women, and prophecy, and Terrorism, Iran, and Fatima, Dajjal, Antichrist, Gold, & Mark of the Beast?, and Jesus and God’s Plan for Muslims.
Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations? Some claim that these passages refer to a gathering of 10 currently existing nations together, while one group teaches that this is referring to 11 nations getting together. Is that what Revelation 17:12-13 refers to? The ramifications of misunderstanding this are enormous. A related sermon is titled Ten Kings of Revelation and the Great Tribulation.
The ‘Peace Deal’ of Daniel 9:27 This prophecy could give up to 3 1/2 years advance notice of the coming Great Tribulation. Will most ignore or misunderstand its fulfillment? Here is a link to a related sermon video Daniel 9:27 and the Start of the Great Tribulation.
Who is the King of the North? Is there one? Do biblical and Roman Catholic prophecies for the Great Monarch point to the same leader? Should he be followed? Who will be the King of the North discussed in Daniel 11? Is a nuclear attack prophesied to happen to the English-speaking peoples of the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand? When do the 1335 days, 1290 days, and 1260 days (the time, times, and half a time) of Daniel 12 begin? When does the Bible show that economic collapse will affect the United States? In the Spanish language check out ¿Quién es el Rey del Norte? Here is a link to a video titled: The Future King of the North.
The Great Monarch: Biblical and Greco-Roman Catholic Prophecies Is the ‘Great Monarch’ of Greco-Roman Catholic prophecies endorsed or condemned by the Bible? Two sermons of related interest are also available: Great Monarch: Messiah or False Christ? and Great Monarch in 50+ Beast Prophecies.
When Will the Great Tribulation Begin? 2024, 2025, or 2026? Can the Great Tribulation begin today? What happens before the Great Tribulation in the “beginning of sorrows”? What happens in the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord? Is this the time of the Gentiles? When is the earliest that the Great Tribulation can begin? What is the Day of the Lord? Who are the 144,000? A related video is: Great Tribulation: 2026 or 2027? A shorter video is: Tribulation in 2024? 
Why Terrorism? Is Terrorism Prophesied? What does the Bible teach? Which nations may be affected? Here is a link to a related sermon: Terrorism, Christianity, and Islam.

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