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Karl-Theodor von und zu Guttenberg
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg


In its latest update read yesterday, LCG had the following two news items related to Germany:

Germany Should “Use” Military Force. Speaking at a recent security conference in Berlin, German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg urged Germany to “be prepared to use its military to defend the country’s economic interests.” Baron Guttenberg noted that the competing demands of nations today for raw materials made it imperative that Germany—a nation whose export-driven economy is heavily dependent upon imported raw materials—should be prepared to use its military forces to secure trade routes for raw materials and exported goods. While his political opponents were quick to challenge these strong statements as contrary to the German constitution, the Defense Minister saw his position as only logical (Der Spiegel, November 10, 2010). Bible prophecies have long foretold the re-emergence of Germany (modern Assyria) as a major player on the world scene (see Isaiah 10:5-14). The words and actions of this popular German Defense Minister, who is also a lawyer and of Habsburg lineage, will be interesting to watch.

Germany Sees America in Decline. A German news magazine, Der Spiegel, recently headlined an article: A Superpower in Decline; Is the American Dream Over? Photos in the article of abandoned American factories, lines of unemployed citizens seeking jobs, houses in foreclosure, and unfinished housing developments project a dreary picture of life in the United States. The article claimed that “Americans have lived beyond their means for decades,” and “everything was paid for (homes, cars, college tuition, etc.) with borrowed money—which has driven the total US household debt to almost $1 trillion, nearly 20 times the figure in 1970.” The article blamed America’s economic problems on the loss of 6 million jobs as the industrial base moved to other countries and on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have cost the country over one trillion dollars and ballooned the government debt from 57% of GNP in 2000 to 83% in 2009. As a result of this “perfect storm” of job losses, collapsing real estate markets, spiraling debt, a $2 trillion trade imbalance with China and a widening gap between rich and poor, America appears to the German press as “a confused and fearful country” (Der Spiegel, November 1, 2010). Long ago, God warned the Israelite nations that if they disobeyed His commandments, “I will break the pride of your power” (Leviticus 26:19), you will “come down lower and lower” (Deuteronomy 28:43) and your allies will “despise” you and eventually seek to overthrow you (Jeremiah 4:30). We appear to be witnessing this prophesied demise!

The reality is that Germany is rising up and many there realize that the USA is in decline.

Yet, the vast majority of Americans either do not know that or do not realize how serious this decline is becoming.

Within a relatively few years, the USA as we know it will not exist and a major European power will be the super-power of the world for a short-time.

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