TPM: Obama to be King of the North?


From time to time, I have highlighted some of the false prophecies of TPM’s William Dankenbring.  He recently wrote the following in an article titled A New Look at Bush, Obama, Daniel 11 and End-Time Prophecy!:

An astounding prophecy written over 2,500 years ago could well be a critical glimpse into the future of Barack Obama, and the world. Will Obama soon be catapulted up to a higher office – as Secretary- General of the United Nations and the “King of the North” of Daniel’s prophecies?…

It appears that Barack Hussein Obama is seeking worldwide approval of the people and nations around the world and the United Nations even though he apparently disregards the approval of the American people!…

Notice Daniel 11:24 – it describes BARACK exactly: “He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches (spread the wealth around).”…

Isn’t this a direct prophecy of the rising up of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the world?…

Daniel continues speaking about the king of the north…Sounds like the Obama mentality, all right!

Now William Dankenbring has made many predictions that have proven to be wrong.  And once again he is wrong.

US President Barack Obama is not going to be the final King of the North, nor is he going to be the final Antichrist as William Dankenbring has also claimed (see TPM: Is Obama Antichrist?, TPM Continues to Teach that Barack Obama May Be the Antichrist, and TPM: Obama – King of the World?).

The final King of the North will be a European leader, which Barack Obama is not.  The final Antichrist will be primarily a religious leader, which Barack Obama is not.  I firmly believe that TPM continues to delude itself and mislead others with its speculations on this.

The Bible give many ideas about who the final King of the North and Antichrist will be, and while neither of those roles will be fulfilled by Barack Obama, he may help enable the rise of one or more of those leaders.  And in my view, for at least one of them, he has already done so.

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