USA dropped inert bombs in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef; Preparing for a war with China?


The USA ended up dropping bombs it had not intended in Australia’s Great Barrier reef:

July 21, 2013

CANBERRA, Australia: Two American fighter jets dropped four unarmed bombs into Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park last week when a training exercise went wrong, the U.S. Navy said, angering environmentalists.

The two AV-8B Harrier jets launched from aircraft carrier USS Bonhomme Richard each jettisoned an inert practice bomb and an unarmed laser-guided explosive bomb into the World Heritage-listed marine park off the coast of Queensland state on Tuesday, the U.S. 7th Fleet said in a statement Saturday…None exploded…

The emergency happened on the second day of the biennial joint training exercise Talisman Saber, which brings together 28,000 U.S. and Australian military personnel over three weeks.

US drops unarmed bombs on Great Barrier Reef – Latest – New Straits Times

Since none exploded, why report about this?

My report is intended to remind everyone that the USA and Australia, despite their geographic distance from each other, are close military allies.  Australia is one of only four counties (the UK, Canada, and New Zealand are the others) that is exempt from certain types of espionage from the USA government because it is considered to be a ‘close friend’ (see EU tells USA to stop spying on it as it asks for more information).

Last week, a survey was released that showed that 71% of Australians are concerned about the growing strength of the People’s Liberation Army of China (International survey reflects rise of China’s power and influence, and some USA issues.).  A reader sent me an email a few days ago about military steps that some believe that the USA is taking related to China:

The Pentagon has concluded that the time has come to prepare for war with China, and in a manner well beyond crafting the sort of contingency plans that are expected for wide a range of possible confrontations. It is a momentous conclusion that will shape the United States’ defense systems, force posture, and overall strategy for dealing with the economically and militarily resurgent China. Thus far, however, the military’s assessment of and preparations for the threat posed by China have not received the high level of review from elected civilian officials that such developments require. The start of a second Obama administration provides an opportunity for civilian authorities to live up to their obligations in this matter and to conduct a proper review of the United States’ China strategy and the military’s role in it.

China is becoming a military distraction for the USA and others, and while its threat appears carnally valid, the reality is that China is not, of itself, prophesied to takeover the USA (Europe is, see also Can You Prove that the Beast to Come is European?).  Because of its focus on China as well as domestic concerns, the USA is not only overlooking the threat from Europe, it is actually assisting Europe in a variety of military ways (including technology, information, strategy, and actions) that will assist Europe in taking over the USA (watch also Will USA Spying Help the Beast Power?).

But in 2009 in my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect, I wrote that China may take over Australia, and I still believe that.

I also warned the day it was announced that she became Prime Minister of Australia that I felt that Julia Gillard would take steps to fulfill prophecies that also could get the Chinese interested in Australia (see Australia Now Has a Female Prime Minister: Prophetic Ramifications?); later I added more specifics (Gillard and Obama Finalize Australia Military Deal).  And later her steps did upset the Chinese, and the Chinese made militaristic statements that confirmed my prediction about this (Australia accepts US troops, China not pleased).

So, while the bomb dropping by the USA in the Great Barrier Reef was not originally planned, military exercises with Australia were. While carnally speaking this type of military cooperation will appear to make sense to both the USA and Australia, it will not end up well for either of them.

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