Ambassador College Campus Again Changing Ownership

Although it is no longer owned by any COG, those who were once affiliated with the old WCG were familiar with the old Ambassador campus. My wife and I were married in one of the buildings shown above.


The former Ambassador College campus is to change ownership again:

The Ambassador Campus has been bought by City Ventures, with escrow closing on January 31, 2010. They are the
fourth developer in 10 years to take on the development of one of the city’s largest open areas which has been a major
concern to neighboring residents. Construction is to begin early next year.

The physical assets of the old WCG helped the church reach world leaders with the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.  It seems to have become a burden to those who have tried to develop the property since.

But the Gospel message will be proclaimed to the world  as it is not dependent upon physical assets.

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