UCG’s Texas Property For Sale Listing

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In August 2009, UCG decided that although its elders once voted to move to Texas, because they later voted against it, that they would sell the property they had purchased for a Texas headquarters (see August posts titled UCG: What Next? and UCG on Its Governance).

Here is the property listing information:

918 (Milam) FM 3163

918 (Milam) FM 3163, Lantana, TX 76226

918 (Milam) FM 3163
  • $2,239,875
  • 81.45 AC
  • Land
  • Residential (land)
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Last Verified  12/10/2009 Listing ID  16463886

1 Lot Available

Lot 1

  • $2,239,874.92
  • 81.45 AC
  • Residential (land)
  • South Side of Milam Road, East of I-35


1,060 Feet of Frontage on Milam Road; Zoned: Agricultural (Denton ETJ); includes house

One of the highest spots in N. Denton County, beautiful views

Map of 918 (Milam) FM 3163, Lantana, TX 76226 (Denton County)

A December 2007 report from UCG in its United News states that the property was originally purchased for “• Cost: $1,599,784, or $19,610 per acre” (see United Church of God Buys Texas Property). Perhaps UCG will not lost money on this deal, only time.

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