CG7: Christians Give 3%?

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In the latest edition of its Bible Advocate magazine, CG7 asks a Protestant about charitable giving:

BA: Some say that Christians in America average giving under three percent of income to charitable causes, including the
church. Is this accurate?

The answer from Chuck Bentley from Crown Financial Ministries was as follows:

CB: There are conflicting surveys regarding this statistic, but in general this number is accurate.  It says that although total giving in this country is enormous — approaching $300 billion per year— our charitable giving as a percentage of gross annual income is anemic. Based upon 52 weeks of earned income per year, we donate just one week per year. Particularly troubling are surveys indicating roughly one-third of self-identified Christians give no money to their church.

Now, I am glad that Chuck Bentley referred to these people as “self-identified Christians”.

Since the article never  never mentioned tithing, I will.

Faithful Christians would heed the examples in the Bible and give at least 10%.

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