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CGOM,UK’s James McBride  sent out the following:

Reincarnation: will you live again?

‘The time will come when all of the dead …will come out of their graves’
The concept that each human lives a succession of lives– reincarnation—is a core teaching of Eastern religions. But it is a philosophy that also has millions of believers in the West—including men and women of Christian background. Sixty percent of Americans reportedly regard reincarnation as a possibility
…..Reincarnation has become increasingly popular with ‘celebrities’ – notably Shirley MacLaine (formerly, she believes, a royal court jester, a prostitute among many other lives) who has written extensively on the matter. Other famous believers included Henry Ford, Mark Twain, General George Patton. It is, too, a theme of numerous films, books, magazine articles—and scientific treatises. Reincarnation is also popular with New Agers and mystical sects such as the Kabbalah (Madonna and Britney Spears are devotees)
…..The belief that underpins reincarnation (except in Buddhism) is that the human ‘soul’ migrates at death to another body—animal or human—the quality of whose life is determined by the individual’s present life-style. A moral person ‘returns’ further up the scale towards perfection (that is,to ‘become one with the universe’)—and vice versa. It is the ‘Law of Karma’: good deeds rewarded, bad deeds punished
…..Reincarnation does have echoes in the Christian Bible. Note what Jesus said: ‘…Don’t be surprised! The time will come when all of the dead will hear the voice of the Son of Man, and they will come out of their graves. Everyone who has done good things will rise to life, but everyone who has done evil things will rise and be condemned’ (John 5:28:29 CEV)
…..That we will all one day face ‘judgment’—the weighing up of our activities while we walk in this flesh—is a universal concept built into the human psyche. But there is today wide misunderstanding. The ‘reincarnation’ of ancient faiths and of modern New Age beliefs has foundations of sand
……There is no ‘transmigration of souls’ from one life to another. What God says is:‘…It is appointed to men to die once, and afterwards the judgment’ (Hebrews 9:27). Everyone dies once.  Then, at the appropriate God-appointed time they will rise from the grave to face a period of judgment. Not as a disembodied ‘soul’ but literally reincarnated: a return to flesh. For the fundamental fallacy is the almost universal belief in an ‘immortal soul’ which leads to prayers to the dead, ancestor worship, ideas of heaven and hell, purgatory etc—and much grief to the bereaved
…..The idea that each of us has within us an ‘immortal soul’ is the very first lie ever told—and it was told by Satan, the ‘father of lies’ (John 8:44). The Tempter said ‘…You will by no means die’ (Genesis 3:4). On the contrary, we are a ‘soul’ (Heb nephesh)—a living, breathing sentient being that can die (Ezekiel 18:4). This is the consistent message of the Christian Scriptures—Old and New Testaments
…..But as Jesus said, all mankind will at some time be restored to life. From Paul we learn that all those with the indwelling Spirit of God will rise from among the dead at the return of Messiah (I Thessalonians 4:14). And from John we learn that the bulk of mankind will rise much later, after the millennial reign of Messiah ‘…the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years should be finished’ (Revelation 20:5). At that time they will, their nephesh restored, be ‘on trial’—a period of scrutiny, with opportunity to obey the one Gospel and gain eternal life through Jesus
…..Not, then, a succession of lives but a life extended by means of physical resurrection at which each of us will be judged. And ’…Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?’      Ω

We in the Living Church of God believe in reincarnation in the sense that we believe in a bodily resurrection and that all those who never truly had an understanding of God’s plan of salvation will be provided with an real opportunity for salvation after the Great White Throne judgment that takes place on what the Book of John refers to as the Last Great Day.

A major reason that I became part of the old Worldwide Church of God and now the Living Church of God is that in addition to proving all things from the Bible, I truly believe that since “God is love” (1 John 4:16) that He has a plan of salvation that will ultimately result in everyone being called and nearly every one who ever lived being saved.

Two must read articles to demonstrate the truth of those doctrines are Hope of Salvation: How the COGs differ from most Protestants and Universal Salvation? There Are Hundreds of Verses in the Bible Supporting the Doctrine of True Apocatastasis.

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