Worldwide Flood Triggered from Canada?


There is a report that suggests that a worldwide flood (perhaps the biblical one from Genesis) may have triggered from the area we now consider to be part of Canada:

British researcher has published a startling new theory that the remains of untold ancient settlements from a 100,000-year stretch of human history were submerged by the rapidly rising waters of the Persian Gulf around 6,000 BC — the result, in all likelihood, of a catastrophic, planetwide flood triggered in Canada.

“These settlements boast well-built, permanent stone houses, long-distance trade networks, elaborately decorated pottery, domesticated animals, and even evidence for one of the oldest boats in the world,” Rose noted…

“There is now a critical mass of evidence to indicate that some significant flooding event greatly impacted an indigenous group that had been living within the (Persian Gulf) basin,” Rose said. “Whether this was a gradual process over a few thousand years, or, as Teller suggested, happened relatively quickly due to a (meltwater outburst) in the North Atlantic at 8,200 years before present, is one of the questions to be addressed going forward.”

It should be mentioned that dating of such events is not as precise a science as many believe and if the above is related to the biblical flood, it happened more like 4500 years ago, instead of 8200 years ago.  There are many historical recordings of a worldwide flood–probably 300 or more (see 300 Versions of the Flood).

Of course, the account that we in the Living Church of God rely on is the biblical account. My book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect discusses the biblical account and compares it to certain Mayan-related predictions of a coming flood that some are worried about.

Both biblical (Revelation 13) and non-biblical prophecy warn of a time when an ecumenical religion will take over the world. If the biblical flood is ever truly accepted as having happened, this will likely represent part of a major turning point in getting more of humanity to accept a coming world religion that claims to be Christian.

Since many cultures have a tale of the flood, this will make the coming ecumenical religion acceptable even to certain cultures that do not normally refer to the Bible for their beliefs.

The end of this age is fast approaching, so more information on the flood and possibly even an identification of the Ark certainly seems possible, if not likely.

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