AP: Facebook plans to hire 10,000 in Europe to build ‘metaverse;’ NTEB: ‘Mark of the Beast’?

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The Associated Press reported the following:

Facebook plans to hire 10,000 in Europe to build ‘metaverse’

October 18, 2021

Facebook said it plans to hire 10,000 workers in the European Union over the next five years to work on a new computing platform that promises to connect people virtually but could raise concerns about privacy and the social platform gaining more control over people’s online lives.

The company said … that those high-skilled workers will help build “the metaverse,” a futuristic notion for connecting online that uses augmented and virtual reality.

Facebook executives have been touting the metaverse as the next big thing after the mobile internet, … “As we begin the journey of bringing the metaverse to life, the need for highly specialized engineers is one of Facebook’s most pressing priorities,” according to the blog post from Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs, and Javier Olivan, vice president of central products.

Facebook’s recruiters are targeting Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Ireland for the hiring drive.

The metaverse essentially is a massive virtual world that can be accessed in real time by millions of people using avatars, who can use it to hold virtual meetings or buy virtual land and clothing or other digital assets, often paying with cryptocurrencies.

The social network isn’t the only one working on the metaverse, and Facebook acknowledged that no single company will own and operate it. Other players include Fortnite maker Epic Games, which has raised $1 billion from investors to help with its long-term plans for building the metaverse. https://apnews.com/article/technology-business-europe-european-union-0c02c959c0b73b84ce77df9bc557d9b9


“The metaverse is going to be the biggest revolution in computing platforms the world has seen—bigger than the mobile revolution, bigger than the web revolution,” says Marc Whitten, whose title is “senior vice president and general manager of create” at San Francisco-based Unity Software Inc. Unity is building tools and services to enable people to create metaverse content. Other big tech companies are developing​ hardware and software products for the metaverse​, or their own virtual worlds within it, including Nvidia Corp. , Roblox Corp. , Epic Games Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Facebook Inc.

The Antichrist is not yet on the scene, but his global Mark of the Beast System is already well underway, and in fact, quite close to being as much to be completed as you could expect to see without the Beast physically being present. … but allow me to take a moment to warn you about something you need to avoid at all costs – the Metaverse. …

The Internet was made public in 1994, and it ushered in a time of global connection never seen in human history, and in the 27 years since, it has revealed itself to be the Mark of the Beast system, catching the whole world in its web. But as it turns out, this unprecedented leap in technology is only the platform for something really scary if you believe the Bible, and they call it the Metaverse. The Metaverse will be a virtual world where reality will no longer have meaning, a world where fantasy, imagination and demonic spirits all meet to wreak havoc. The past 50 years of video games, avatars, phone apps, movies and television shows have all prepared you for this coming experience. Have nothing to do with it. Don’t use augmented reality devices like Microsoft Hololens, don’t use virtual reality devices Facebook Oculus, stay away from all of it. viewed 10/18/21 https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/mark-of-beast-system-metaverse-internet-augmented-virtual-reality-microsoft-hololens-facebook-oculus/

There are supposed to be religious connections in the ‘metaverse’ as the following also shows:

Facebook poised to lead ‘First Church of the Metaverse’

August 6, 2021

A columnist at the Federalist is warning Americans about the “First Church of the Metaverse” that Mark Zuckerberg apparently intends to start online, where “churches, mosques, synagogues and others” can “embed their religious life into its platform.”

Commentary writer Joe Allen … explains that – apparently – “ultra-mod spiritual centers will be blessed by mass data extraction, algorithmic polarization, and censorship of theological ‘misinformation.’ If Facebook’s history is any guide, every digital prayer will be scooped up and turned into a data point. Livestreamed preachers who deny the sanctity of LGBT lifestyles will be flagged and punished as ‘extremists.’ Best of all, smartphone-addicted congregants can donate their last widow’s mite with the touch of a virtual button. Sounds like a little slice of heaven, doesn’t it?”

It was the New York Times that pointed out that Facebook’s “next target” would be “the religious experience.”

It explains how the megachurch Hillsong was opening a new outpost in Atlanta and sought advice from Facebook on operating during a pandemic. The pastor, Sam Collier, said there were months of meetings with developers, examining ways to facilitate donations, videos and livestreaming. …

“Together we are discovering what the future of the church could be on Facebook,” he told the Times, which then confirmed that Facebook is “cultivating partnerships with a wide range of faith communities.”

It wants to draw those “highly engaged” users from religious groups into its labyrinth of software where monetization is a priority.

“The Church of Facebook is just one part of a much broader vision. Three days before the Times article appeared, The Verge published an in-depth interview with founder Mark Zuckerberg about his ambition to ‘bring the metaverse to life,'” he said. “The term refers to the evolution of 24/7 screentime into a warped synthesis of physical reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality.”

The Metaverse was coined by a novelist in 1992 who wrote how it would be a “decadent virtual realm” in which people to escape from society run by megacorporations.

“Now that the Metaverse is being funded by Silicon Valley oligarchs and Wall Street traders, we’re supposed to believe it’ll be a fine place to live,” Allen warned.

Zuckerberg, in the Verge, explained his vision is an “embodied internet” where “we can work, play, and enjoy a ‘sense of presence.'”

He wants Facebook to be viewed as that “metaverse company.”

It was another Facebook officer, Sheryl Sandberg, who has lobbied that “faith organizations and social media are a natural fit…” …

Allen said, “Imagine a synagogue where a holographic burning bush recites the Decalogue, or a cathedral where saint icons speak to you directly, or maybe animated deities waving their many arms in Hindu temples. Immersive idolatry is the future of false religion. With 3 billion users worldwide — and zero sense of sacred boundaries — Facebook is poised to lead this spiritual revolution.”

It is no longer hyperbole, he said, to say “Technology has become a religion.”

The Times pointed out that Facebook already has about three billion adherents, while Christianity is at 2.3 billion, and Islam, 2.8 billion. https://www.wnd.com/2021/08/facebook-poised-lead-first-church-metaverse/

The fact of it opposing those who support biblical morality on sexual matters shows that this interfaith-ecumenical ‘church’ is opposed to the truth of the word of God. Plus, yes, idolatry, which is also biblically-prohibited is likely to be promoted via the Metaverse or other interfaith-related moves.

Now, it should be pointed out that Metaverse is not primarily being promoted as a religious plan, but its approach to religion is consistent with what we have seen from some in the Vatican, United Nations, and even Hillsong.

Before going further, let it be pointed out that Hillsong has embraced at least ecumenicalism. Notice the following cover of one of its albums:

Hillsong album cover (Hillsong)

Furthermore, the Continuing Church of God put out the following sermon on its ContinuingCOG channel related to Hillsong and its agenda:


Musical instruments were mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Music is present all over in the 21st century. How does music affect the mind and body? Is it okay to listen to music? Should lyrics matter? Are there biblical principles to consider related to music? Can Christians listen to secular music? Is harp music always good? Is “Contemporary Christian Music” biblically appropriate? Has money overly influenced the “Christian music industry”? What is the Pentecostal ‘latter rain’? What about songs about heaven? Do groups like Hillsong promote the gospel of the kingdom or a false gospel message? Has there been an ongoing attempt to promote an ecumenical message in what has been called “gospel” or “Christian” music? How can you tell a real Christian from a false one? What type of songs did early Christians sing? Did the old Worldwide Church of God fall because of its 1974 hymnal? Are psalms and songs in “The Bible Hymnal” of the Continuing Church of God consistent with the practices of original Christians? Dr. Thiel addresses these and more!

Here is a link to the sermon: Music, Hillsong, and the False Gospel.

Of course, it is not just the ecumenical and interfaith movements that are going forward.

The fact that it is computer technology that will affect personal data AND it is being highly developed in Europe is another concern.

Facebook probably chose Europe for this phase to reduce the risk of various EU proposed rules on Big Tech.

But, from a biblical perspective, Europe is interesting because the Bible shows that it will be able to control buying and selling (cf. Revelation 13:16-18). The most practical way to do that is through some type of computer/digital technology.

The fact that Facebook’s Metaverse project will be involved in digital payments suggests that it is possible that at least some of the developed technology will be used by 666 as 666 will be a European based power.

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