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Last Page of Mayan Dresden Codex
Dresden Codex Picturing a Flood


The last page of the Mayan book known as the Dresden Codex suggests a flood coming from the mouth of a serpent.  Some Canadians have reported about 2012.  And a lot of the filming for the Sony 2012 movie took place in Canada.

Here an article from a Canadian reporter concerning a North American author:

2012 scholar predicts cataclysm

By Jamie Portman, Canwest News ServiceNovember 26, 2009
Daniel Pinchbeck doesn’t know if Dec. 21, 2012, will spell out Doomsday for the planet.But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t fear cataclysmic disaster the likes of which the world has never seen…

He does feel the world is heading for disaster and that primitive cultures are capable of possessing mystical portents of the future — themes he explored in his controversial book, 2012: The Return Of Quetzalcoatl, now available from Penguin in a new, best-selling paperback edition.

Daniel Pinchbeck was one of the people that made the idea of disasters in 2012 popular.

Here is a report mainly from a Canadian archeaologist:

Canadian archaeologist Kathryn Reese-Taylor, who teaches at the University of Calgary, says in a statement that although the monument, called the Tortuguero Monument Six, refers to the date Dec. 21, 2012, it is not an end-of-the-world prophecy. She says the translation of the text essentially says that something will occur on Dec. 21, 2012 and that it will be similar to something that occurred on another date in the past.”We don’t know what that past occurrence was or what the future occurrence will be. At no point do any of the Maya texts actually prophesize the end of the world,” she said.

While the Tortuguero Monument Six does not necessarily point to disaster, it needs to be pointed out that the Mayans absolutely did predict the end of the world happening when their calendar ended, no later than sometime in the 16th century:

But when the law of the katun has run its course, the God will bring about a great deluge again which will be the end of the world. When this is over, then our Lord Jesus Christ will descend over the valley of Jehoshaphat besides the town of Jerusalem where he redeemed us with his holy blood. (Chilam Balam, cited in 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect)

Although I do not believe that the world will end in 2012 or that Jesus will return then, it is important to realize that that particular Canadian scholar was in error.  The idea that the world would end was part of some portion of the Mayan religion.  The report related to Daniel Pinchbeck is more accurate as far as Mayan predictions are concerned than Kathryn Reese-Taylor’s denial.  FWIW, I noticed that as of last week, Sony’s 2012 movie (which is based upon the Mayan predictions with Hollywood’s interpretations) earned $620 million worldwide according to a Reuters’ report.  So many are seeing the Hollywood version of the Mayan prophecies.

But of course, it is biblical predictions that are important than scholars or Hollywood.  And interestingly the Bible does predict not only the end of the world, but disaster to the nation that is highly indebted at the time of the end.  And while the USA is the most indebted nation in the history of humanity, its neighbor to the north (Canada) is prophesied to experience most of the same disasters that will hit the USA.  And speaking of debt, Canada has the 13th most amount of external debt of any country according to a report I viewed yesterday and according to a report from ATF “Canada is set to post a record deficit this year of 55.9 billion Canadian dollars (53.4 billion US)”.  Canada will not long outlast the USA, if it does at all.

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