David Axelrod is critical of Hillary Clinton’s critical comments related to Obama policies


David Axelrod had comments about Hillary Clinton’s comments related to the Obama Administration’s handling of foreign policy:

August 12, 2014

WASHINGTON – They’re fighting like it’s 2008.

David Axelrod, the former top political adviser to President Obama, slammed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday for her sharp critique of Obama’s foreign policy.

In an interview with The Atlantic posted on Sunday, Clinton said the Obama doctrine, which has been summarized as “don’t do stupid stuff,” is not an “organizing principle” worthy of “great nations.”

Axelrod fired back on Twitter.

“Just to clarify: ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision,” Axelrod wrote.

 It was a dig at Clinton’s vote as a U.S. senator to authorize President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq…His shot at Clinton suggests Obama allies are simmering at Clinton’s comments, which appeared aimed at bolstering her expected 2016 presidential candidacy at Obama’s expense.

In her interview with The Atlantic, Clinton went further, saying the failure to arm the moderate rebels led to the rise of the extremist Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, fanatical and bloodthirsty jihadists who now control a large swath and Syria and northern Iraq.

The liberal group MoveOn.org issued a statement Tuesday taking issue with Clinton’s comments, suggesting that if she runs in 2016, she might have a problem with the Democratic Party’s liberal wing, just as she did in 2008.

“Secretary Clinton, and any other person thinking about seeking the Democratic nomination in 2016, should think long and hard before embracing the same policies advocated by right-wing war hawks that got America into Iraq in the first place and helped set the stage for Iraq’s troubles today,”  Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn Political Action, wrote in a blog post.

Clinton reportedly warned Obama’s team about her comments to The Atlantic, and she praised Obama’s foreign policy elsewhere in her interview.

But her remarks gave new fuel to Republican attacks on Obama’s national security polices as feckless and unfocused. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/obama-insider-axelrod-bashes-hillary-clinton-article-1.1900683#ixzz3ACZZaLpd

In her 2014 book, Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton attempts to defend various decisions she was part of while in the Obama Administration.  She also wrote in it that she was overridden sometimes by President Obama and he did not always go as she felt best.

Notice also the following:

August 12, 2014

Criticism over the Obama administration’s policies in Syria have bubbled to the surface once again of late, as the Islamic State, a jihadist group formerly allied with Al-Qaeda that developed during the Syrian conflict, has now made major territorial gains in northern and western Iraq.

Islamic State’s latest advances – met with American airstrikes over the weekend – spurred the Obama administration’s previous secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, to slam her former boss’ supposed “failure” to contain the spread of Islamic extremists in the region.

“The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad —- there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle -— the failure to do that left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” Clinton said in an interview with the Atlantic. (Obama calls criticism of his Syria policy… RT, August 12, 2014)

If Hillary Clinton was not intending to run for US President, one would think she would not publicly criticize international policies coming out of the Obama White House either in interviews now or in her book.

Hillary Clinton has shown interest in becoming the next USA president.  She likely figures that since Barack Obama’s foreign policy decisions are not popular, and for four years she had an important advisory role about them, that she needed to distance herself now to better shield herself from foreign policy issues if she later does run for the US presidency.

Barack Obama has been widely criticized on foreign policy.  The following item is possibly the one with the most recent press coverage was when back in January, Barack Obama dismissed ISIS (now known as the Islamic State) as being a “JV” (Junior varsity) group:

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta pressed White House press secretary Josh Earnest on the notion of President Barack Obama bombing ISIS in Iraq means the organization is no longer a “JV” team.

Acosta referenced an interview with New Yorker magazine’s David Remnick {and} Obama conducted in which he {Barack Obama} referred to non-al Qaeda groups in Iraq as the JV team.

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” he said.  “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”

That was Obama’s excuse for ignoring Iraq and claiming that he won. Instead of answering, Earnest doubled down on claiming victory.

JIM ACOSTA, CNN: Let me ask you about something [the president] said back in January when he told the New Yorker when assessing the “ISIS” threat, he said that, “the analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if the JV team puts on a Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.” Is it safe to say that ISIS are no longer the “JVs”?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: I think what is appropriate to say is there is no question that the Lakers uniforms that were worn, to use that analogy a little bit, that were worn by the al Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan has been decimated and defeated in Afghanistan. There is no question that is the result of the many decisions made by the president and the courageous service of our men and women in uniform and in the intelligence agencies.

For the 999th time, Al Qaeda was hardly present in Afghanistan when Obama took office.

Many, in all political parties, in the USA are disappointed about various foreign policy decisions, from the Obama Administration (watch also 10 Steps Obama Has Taken Leading to the Rise of the Beast.)

Yet, irrespective of who becomes the next USA president, most international matters will not be truly resolved until Jesus returns and sets up the Kingdom of God.

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