Increasing US Naval Presence in Australia

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The USA is increasing its naval presence in Australia:

More US access to naval base
West Australian – April 28, 2012

Defence Minister Stephen Smith says big numbers of US troops and sailors could fly in and out of Perth to crew warships based at Rockingham.

Giving new details of plans for an increased US involvement in WA, Mr Smith said yesterday it was anticipated US naval vessels would have more access through HMAS Stirling naval base at Garden Island.

“We have a significant amount of potential for inter-operability here,” Mr Smith said…

The Government has so far given only vague details of what an increased US presence at Rockingham would mean.

Allow me to state what the Australian government does not seem to realize.  The decision announced in the Fall of 2011 to allow US Marines to be stationed in Darwin (Australia), combined with this move announced in 2012 for increased US naval presence in Australia is sending a clear signal to China that Australia is militarily linked to the USA.

Not surprisingly, China does not like that.  For allowing the US Marines, a Chinese government-controlled newspaper said Australia risked “caught in the cross-fire” (see Australia accepts US troops, China not pleased for more information).

I have been warning for years that I suspect that because of biblical prophecies concerning the dividing of the Anglo-lands by the forces of King of the North (e.g. Daniel 11:39), that China is likely to end up with Australia.  Since reporting on the announcement that Julia Gillard became Australia’s Prime Minister (see Australia Now Has a Female Prime Minister: Prophetic Ramifications?), on June 24, 2010, I warned:

Certain biblical, Chinese, and other prophecies, mentioned…discuss that how Australia itself may become taken over.

By virtue of her timing, Julia Gillard may inadvertently pursue policies that will lead to the fulfillment of various end time prophecies.  Her role as Australia’s new prime minister will have prophetic ramifications.

Julia Gillard, who approved the stationing of US troops in Darwin, etc. has already set the stage for China to decide that ultimately it expects to get Australia.  I am not saying that Julia Gillard made a carnally bad decision, only that her timing and policies have to align with end time prophecy, and her encouragement of increasing US military presence in Australia is doing that.

The USA, itself, is so concerned about China as a threat, that it will overlook (and continue to support to its peril) the rise of the military power in Europe.  The move of US naval forces into Australia is another step in that direction.

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