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The New York Times has more information and apparently a different location for the terrorist plot in Australia than AP did yesterday:

Australia Officials Say Terror Suspects Plotted to Kill Until Killed

Published: August 4, 2009

SYDNEY, Australia — Four men accused of plotting to attack a military base in a suburb near Sydney sought to shoot as many people as possible before dying themselves in the attack, Australian officials said Tuesday.

The men, Australian citizens of Somali and Lebanese descent, are suspected of having links to a radical Islamic group in Somalia. They were detained when hundreds of police officers swept through 19 houses in Melbourne early Tuesday. The raids were part of a seven-month investigation involving state and federal officials and the Australian Security and Intelligence Organization, the government spy agency.

The police said the men, 22 to 26 years old, planned to arm themselves with automatic weapons and attack Holsworthy Barracks, a military complex in the scrubland southwest of Sydney. No date was given for the attack they are suspected of planning…

The police said that at least one suspect had traveled to Somalia to take part in the insurgency.

The willingness to kill until killed is tough to deal with from a carnal perspective.  It is a difficult problem for governmental authorities.

An article of related interest could be:

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