Obama and Jinping meet to discuss cyberattacks and other issues

Xi Jinping


The heads of the USA and China are meeting:

June 8, 2013

Barack Obama and Xi Jinping meet as cyber-scandals swirl

US and China presidents’ summit takes place amid tensions over state-versus-state hacking and revelations about NSA reaping data from phone and internet accounts of millions.

President Barack Obama has brushed aside the outcry over surveillance operations by the US government to tell China’s President Xi Jinping he wants a world order where all countries play by the same rules on cybersecurity.

Obama opened a two-day summit at a baking Californian desert estate on Friday evening with a call for closer ties between Beijing and Washington…

Obama singled out cybersecurity, as well as North Korea, climate change and intellectual property rights as areas where the US and China needed to cooperate.

He spoke within hours of striking a defiant stance amid revelations about the extent of the surveillance state in the US – a row that analysts said could weaken his efforts to pressure Xi over Chinese hacking.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/08/obama-xi-jinping-meet-cyberscandals

June 08, 2013

President Barack Obama is calling for a “firm understanding” of how the United States and China will work together to resolve their differences on cybersecurity.  Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping began two days of meetings Friday at an estate in California.

The president and his Chinese counterpart met for more than two hours, and focused on the contentious issue of cybersecurity.

Obama said advances in technology have created a need for clear protocols about what is and is not acceptable for governments to do.

The U.S. accuses China of hacking into American government and business computer systems.

Xi said his country is “firm in upholding cybersecurity.”  He said China has also been hit with cyberattacks, but did not say who was responsible.  http://www.voanews.com/content/obama-xi-discuss-cybersecurity/1677804.html

Both the USA and China are involved in cyber warfare and surveillance.  China has admitted it (China admits to cyberwarfare strategy) as had the USA (Obama Administration admits to spying on residents telephone records; and then there is Scotland).  The USA even has a Cyber Command.  The logo for the USA’s entity is shown below:

While China is rising up and the USA truly considers it to be a military and cyber threat, the Bible does not teach that China will be the main power to takeover the USA.

However, I believe that USA preoccupation with China, combined with excessive trust of certain ones in Europe, is what will lead the fulfillment of biblical prophecies such as those found in Daniel 11:39 (which shows that the “strongest fortresses,” which are currently controlled by the USA, will be taken over by the European King of the North).

I strongly suspect that because of concerns about China that the USA will share too much information that its Cyber Command Command and other agencies develop with the Europeans.  The Bible is clear that the Beast to come is European (for details see video Can You Prove that the Beast to Come is European? or read the article Europa, the Beast, and Revelation) and that it will have the ability to control buying and selling and force false worship (Revelation 13:15-17)–this shows a certain type of surveillance control–and the USA will likely provide the European technology and other information that will assist in the fulfillment of those prophecies.

China, while avoiding the type of debt and certain other issues that the USA is entangling itself into, has a lot of internal issues which will affect it.  Since, however, it is a major rising power, the USA will tend to fear it less than the Europeans.  This will be a major mistake for the USA.

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