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Since November 2008, I have been reporting many reasons why Barack Obama is apocalyptic.  One of the reasons I gave in my article was that he would enable the rise of the European military power, while deciding that US defense spending needed to be reduced.  This has now started to come to pass.

Notice the following story:

Barack Obama will back a federal Europe
America’s support for a more united Europe betrays both US and British interests, says Nile Gardiner.
Telegraph – March 18, 2009
Barack Obama heads to Britain and Europe in two weeks’ time as the leader of the first U.S. Administration to wholeheartedly back the creation of a federal Europe. In contrast to earlier U.S. administrations, including those of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, the Obama administration is avowedly Euro-federalist in outlook, and is keen to help build a European Union defense identity as well as support the foundations of a European superstate in Brussels.

This dangerous shift in U.S. policy is a betrayal of both U.S. and British interests that will threaten the long-term future of the Anglo-American Special Relationship, weaken the NATO alliance, and undermine the defence of British sovereignty in Europe. It will also undercut opposition across the EU to the Treaty of Lisbon, including in countries such as Ireland, Poland and the Czech Republic, and may set the scene for a major confrontation between the Obama White House and a future Conservative administration in London.

A Eurosceptic Conservative government led by David Cameron, committed to halting further European integration, will find itself increasingly at odds with a left-of-centre U.S. administration that is actively working against the principle of national sovereignty in Europe. In light of this, the current enthusiasm of many British conservatives for the changing of the guard at the White House is hugely misplaced…

President Obama’s government will strongly back the European Security and Defence Policy, the Lisbon Treaty and the Common Foreign and Security Policy, and will seek to strengthen French and German leadership at the heart of a united European Union. It has appointed several prominent supporters of European federalism to key positions in the Pentagon and State Department, including the new Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Michèle Flournoy, and Philip H. Gordon, the next Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

Flournoy, who holds one of the most powerful positions in the Pentagon, is a leading supporter of U.S. backing for an EU defence policy, and co-authored a major 2005 study strongly advocating American support for a unified European defence structure. Gordon, who will be the most senior administration official on Europe, has written that America must “support the European project”, and that “the challenge for U.S. policy is to encourage Europe to develop the cohesion and capability to become a true transatlantic partner.”

The Obama Administration has already made major concessions to Paris over President Sarkozy’s decision for France to rejoin the NATO integrated command structure. The French have been given two major positions at the helm of the Alliance, a move that will significantly enhance the drive towards a European defence component within NATO. Vice President Joe Biden has clearly indicated that the United States will support “the further strengthening of European defense” and an “increased role for the European Union in preserving peace and security.” When he travels to Europe, President Obama is expected to deliver the same message.

There is a chance the Obama Administration will eventually wake up to the reality that American support for a federal Europe will backfire. Such a naive approach will not result in European countries spending more on defence, or in a more effective Europe. It would also undermine Washington’s ability to mobilize international coalitions. Under a unified EU foreign policy, U.S. allies would lose the freedom to decide where and when they can fight alongside America.

As they approach the transatlantic alliance, President Obama and his aides should heed the advice of a former prime minister and great friend of the United States who fought to defend the Special Relationship and maintain British sovereignty in Europe. As Margaret Thatcher put it, “that such an unnecessary and irrational project as building a European superstate was ever embarked upon will seem in future years to be perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era.”http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/5005351/Barack-Obama-will-back-a-federal-Europe.html

I reported earlier this week about the Obama Administration’s plans on cutting defense spending (see Russia & USA to Differ in Military Support), hence thus far, my inclination for some of the many reasons that I feel that Barack Obama is apocalyptic are coming to pass.

And other apocalyptic reasons I gave that would happen under an Obama Administration such as increasing USA debt (see President Obama Forgot the Bible) and enabling more abortions (see Obama’s Abortion Changes) have also now come to pass.  Actually, to a degree, all eight reasons I gave have been (see Prophecies of Barack Obama?).

Bible prophecy indicates that the destruction of the United States and its Anglo-allies is expected sometime next decade, although it will not be before 2012.  And if President Obama gets re-elected, the actual destructive invasion it is likely to happen under his administration.

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