Saudi Arabia Calling for a Multinational Arab Union

جامعة الدول العربية
Jāmaʻat ad-Duwwal al-ʻArabiyya Arab League Flag


While not publicly calling for what the Muslim Brotherhood wants, Saudi Arabia is concerned about what has been happening enough to call for a multinational Gulf-Arab union:

Gulf States Rally Around Saudi Call for “Union”

Gulf Cooperation Council delegates rallied around Saudi King Abdullah’s call for confederation – resolving to make it so.  Dec 21, 2011

Gulf Arab leaders Tuesday rallied behind Saudi King Abdullah’s call to form a “single entity” in their ongoing move to form a strategic bulwark against their increasingly aggressive rival Iran.

Saudi Arabia Cautiously Navigating Conflict with Iran amid Arab Spring Storm  23 December 2011
Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are following with concern the political changes taking place in the various Arab countries, and the impact these changes could have on the balance of power between the Iran-led and Saudi-led camps in the Middle East. Both countries have lost key allies as a result of the Arab Spring: Saudi Arabia has lost Egypt, its main ally in its leadership of the anti-Iran camp, due to that country’s preoccupation with domestic affairs. Iran has likewise lost its main ally, the Syrian regime, which is currently fighting for its survival amid the wave of protests sweeping the country; if the Syrian regime falls, Iran will be severely impacted, as will be the power-balance between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Unlike some commentators, I will not yet concede that Syria is that far out of Iran’s camp yet.  There is a real possibility that Syria will decide to support Iran in some type of attack involving Israel, which will result in Damascus being destroyed (Isaiah 17:1) and possibly Iran being made somewhat inconsequential–since Iran is not going to be the King of the South (PCG’s Gerald Flurry is in error on that point as he insists otherwise).  The fact that the Arab League is still trying to deal with Syria (which news reports still say almost daily) indicates that they would like Syria to move more away from Iran, but so far that does not seem to be happening.

We are getting closer for an Islamic confederation to form consistent with the biblical prophecies about the final King of the South (Daniel 11:40). However, somewhat like the final Beast/King of the North power (Daniel 11:41-42), it looks like the Bible teaches that there will be some fragility and lack of total cohesiveness as the King of the South will apparently not be totally unified (cf. Daniel 11:42; 11:26).  It would not surprise me if a group like the Muslim Brotherhood (who has significant support in Egypt) will make some type of deal with a Gulf-Arab union to support an Islamic confederation.

As Jesus said, “Watch” (Mark 13:37).

Jesus also said, “Blessed are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching.” (Luke 12:37).

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