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The latest weekly update from the Living Church of God had the following about Living University:

Living University
There is now just one week remaining until the start of the next LU semester. Classes begin on August 15. If you have not already registered for your LU classes and purchased your textbooks, please do so. If you are considering taking courses for the first time, it is not too late. You will need to apply for LU admission first, and then you can register and order books. The admissions process is easy and all online. For more information on LU admissions and to register for classes, please visit our website at For detailed questions, please contact Ms. Michelle Bottella at or 704-708-2294. Listed below are a few more courses being offered this semester.
THL 421 History of Christianity I
This course deals with the history of Christianity from the first century to the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation. It focuses on the growth and development of Christianity during the early centuries in the Mediterranean World as well as its expansion into Europe and the East.
THL 427 Working with Christian Youth
This course deals with developing, organizing, and coordinating Church youth programs. Emphasis is on the development of Christian values in youth and adolescents. An excellent course for parents and anyone interested in working with youth programs.
THL 460 Contemporary World Religions
The world is changing and God is calling people from diverse backgrounds into His Truth. This course is an introduction to the major religious traditions of the world, particularly Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam; and consideration of neo-pagan and cultic phenomena in the contemporary world. Emphasis is on the historical development, key figures, as well as major doctrines and practices.
THL 473 – Archaeology and the Old Testament
This course deals with the archaeology of the Bible lands from the fourth millennium BC through the Intertestamental Period. Topics addressed include patriarchal Palestine, Joseph and Moses in Egypt, the reigns of David and Solomon, the divided kingdom, the exile, and the Intertestamental Period.
THL 476 – Archaeology of Jerusalem

This course deals with the development of Jerusalem from prehistoric through the Byzantine Period in light of archaeological discoveries and extant historical details. Emphasis upon key stages of the city’s past as Canaanite Jebus, City of David and Zion, Nehemiah’s Jerusalem, Herodian Jerusalem, Roman Colonia Aelia Capitolina, and Byzantine Jerusalem. Special emphasis placed on the Temple Mount, Cenacle, and Golgotha.

Living University registration for the 2011 Fall semester can be began at

Living University is essentially an online institution (though some classes in person can sometimes be taken) and is affiliated with the Living Church of God.

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