CGPFK’s Ronald Weinland Declares Most of the Great Tribulation Over



Ronald Weinland of Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom, finally posted a letter (late yesterday) in which he actually wrote the following:

This Sabbath (April 2nd) ends a very unique time in all history. It is the end of four cycles of “half-a-time” in the period of “time, times and half-a-time” described in Daniel 12. There are only three more periods of “half-a-time” remaining before Jesus Christ returns as King of kings over all government on earth.

Over the centuries, many have tried to comprehend the prophecies given by God concerning the meaning and fulfillment of “time, times, and half-a-time.” But as God told Daniel, the revelation of those things that were given to him to write were not to be revealed at any period except that of the very end-time, when God would “finish” [Heb. – “bring to an end”] the time given to mankind to rule himself and then establish His Kingdom on earth.

As God has revealed to His Church at this end-time, the period of “time, times and half-a-time” is about God’s end-time judgment upon mankind, in which God will bring an end to man’s self-rule…

A “Time” of Judgment

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new period of time for this end-time. It is a “time” of 40 weeks in the “complete judgment” to be executed upon the scattered nations of Israel and upon the Israel of God (the Church) that was scattered. The whole world will suffer during this period, but the focus is upon both physical and spiritual Israel.

In the past, I have not had the need to write much in the postings on this site. That will all begin to change as we are entering a new stage in time. The Thunders will increase in far greater magnitude and frequency and the first few Trumpets will sound with great devastation to follow.

Events that have been held back for two years have already begun to intensify in the form of the escalation of the Thunders.

In his sermon four weeks ago, Ronald Weinland said:

The Thunders don’t mean a thing to people out there who hate the truth. They just mock at that
and they’ll mock it till the end, especially the Thunders first, and then the Trumpets as well; to mock and
make fun of. Think, “How could people do that?” After every one’s been said and the answer only
some can come up with when it’s all said and done, their pride is so great, is, “Well you’re the great false
prophet!” That’s what some are going to say; it’s already written. Incredible! (Weinland R. Sermon, March 5, 2011)

Now, I do not hate the truth, but have been writing for five or six years that Ronald Weinland was (and is) a false prophet.

Is this because I do not believe in the thunders in the Book of Revelation like Ronald Weinland implies?

No, it is because I do believe the prophecies in Revelation, Matthew, and the rest of the Bible.

What is incredible is how often Ronald Weinland has proven to be a false prophet, yet he attempts to put down those that have realized it.

For example, Ronald Weinland claimed in 2008 that if the USA was not nuked by the summer of the same year that he would admit that he was a false prophet. But he did not keep his word then.

Here is what one his other websites stated about some of Ronald Weinland’s prophecies back in November 2006:

From now until the latter part of 2008, many prophecies are going to begin to be fulfilled, especially the Seven Thunders of the Book of Revelation, which the apostle John saw but was restricted from recording. Those thunders are revealed in this book, as well as detailed accounts of the final three and one-half years of man’s self-rule on earth, which are recorded in the account of the Seventh Seal of Revelation.

Some of these prophecies concern the demise of the United States over the next two years, which will be followed by man’s final world war. This last war will be the result of clashing religions and the governments they sway. Billions will die! This time will far exceed even the very worst times in all human history.

As these events unfold, the world will increasingly become aware of the authenticity of the words in this book and realize that Ronald Weinland has been sent by God as His end-time prophet. ( 11/26/06).

When those events did not unfold, some who followed him became aware that he was false–but sadly not all have understood what this meant.  Notice that back in 2006 he claimed that the seven thunders would be fulfilled in 2008–at least to the extent that he claimed that BILLIONS would die, which they did not.  Now he is claiming that they will be fulfilled between now and the next 40 weeks.

In his 2/25/2011 letter, Ronald Weinland wrote:

But God’s righteous judgment must NOW be executed in order for His Kingdom to be established at the coming of His Son on May 27, 2012. Because of God’s great mercy, mankind has escaped great worldwide tribulation and suffering for more than two years now. But NOW, time has run out!

But many of the events in Matthew 24 that Jesus told His disciples would precede the Great Tribulation and His second coming have not yet happened.  Events that God inspired Daniel to write about also have not happened.  Jesus cannot return as soon as Ronald Weinland is insisting.

Yet, Ron Weinland, who claims to be one of the two witnesses, now claims that the Great Tribulation began on December 14, 2008 (after originally insisting that it began on April 17, 2008), and is still claiming that Jesus will return on May 27, 2012.  Now, of course, I do believe that Jesus will return.  World events and biblical chronology suggest that it is likely that Jesus will return before the end of this decade (see also Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? What Year Does the 6,000 Years End?).

Yet, the fact is that the events of the Great Tribulation have still not began, no matter what Ronald Weinland wants to suggest.

The Bible is clear that one whose prophecies do not come to pass does not speak for God:

21 “And if you say in your heart, ‘How shall we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?’– 22 when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him (Deuteronomy 18:21-22).

Ronald Weinland has often spoken presumptuously.

As I have been writing for years, Ronald Weinland is a false prophet and is NOT one of God’s two witnesses.

I feel sorry for Ronald Weinland and those who follow him. Hopefully now more of them will wake up. Because the main “Great Tribulation” that his followers are experiencing now is continuing to be led by the imaginations of Ronald Weinland.

The biblical Great Tribulation has not yet began and those who believe otherwise have allowed themselves to be deceived. None should follow Ronald Weinland, nor other false prophets (the followers of Harold Camping will be very disappointed in less than two months when his prediction for the return of Jesus will be shown to be false).

Those following Ronald Weinland should wake up now, and not wait until May 28, 2012 when Jesus does not return by the day before.

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