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COGWA supporter Michael Hanisko posted:

Several members have asked recently how COGWA is doing financially. I thought you would appreciate reading this encouraging financial update from Steve McNeely, one of our accountants: “We were blessed with a generous Pentecost offering and steady deposits during the month of June. Total income for the month was just over $800,000, and for the year it stands at approximately $3,880,000. Expenses continue to be well managed and held to a minimum, and we are very grateful for everyone operating on a frugal budget as we become more established in the early organizational stages. As of June 30, 2011, we have approximately $1,430,000 in the bank, of which just under $400,000 has been restricted to use for preaching the gospel. We also have set aside temporarily restricted income that will be used during the year for specific purposes, such as assistance and Feast expenses. The low point for cash flow is historically right before the Fall Feast Days so we are trying to build our operating reserves. We currently have about one month’s worth of expenses in reserves, which is not a lot, but it is significant considering we started with nothing.”

“We are continuing to work on entering detail for contribution receipts. The mail detail is processed through May, and we are working on the holy day offerings. It is a big job. Our goal is to provide a combined first and second quarter contribution receipt in the next two or three weeks.”

“While the money in the bank gives us only a relatively small margin for needs and reserves, given the amount of time we have been in operation, we are very grateful for God’s blessings and the continued, generous financial support from the brethren. This is a very important part of building an organizational foundation upon which we can do the work God has commissioned to us.”

For those unfamiliar, COGWA stands for Church of God, a Worldwide Association, it formed in December 2010 as a split from the United Church of God.

In its last audited financial statements, UCG had reported an income of USD$23,870,107.  Most of the paid USA and Latin American ministry of UCG went with COGWA, but apparently not most of the money. If COGWA would have gotten about 1/2, it would have been expected to have an income for the first six months of 2011 much closer to USD$6,000,000.

Thus far, COGWA’s spending focus has appeared to be related to the ministry and local congregations.  COGWA has indicated that it would use the internet as its major initial way to reach the public with the gospel of the kingdom.  Of course, many groups have claimed that they would utilize this form of media to have an impact on the world.

FWIW, as of 7/30/2011, the Alexa popularity rank of COGWA’s website was 497,952, while the rank for was 152,485.  Essentially what this means is that even though COGWA has claimed about 8,000 members and 170+ ministers/elders, its now preferred gospel proclamation vehicle is considerably less popular than the website of a member of the Living Church of God (let alone LCG’s websites, telecasts, magazines, etc.).  I suspect that COGWA still believes it is working towards having improvements in this area.

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