LCG: No Merger with UCG, But…

Living Church of God Sign & Family, In Charlotte, NC, January 2008


Because of the occasion of the death of evangelist Dibar Apartian, various COG leaders were in Charlotte this week.  Two, included UCG President Dennis Luke and former UCG President Clyde Kilough.  They also met at LCG’s Charlotte headquarters with certain LCG leaders.

In today’s announcements was the following from LCG’s Presiding Evangelist Roderick C. Meredith:

Mr. Ames, Dr. Winnail and I and other ministers here in Charlotte were able to talk with a number of ministers from these other Church of God groups. Our visits were warm and friendly. However we did not discuss any type of merger! Considering the division, confusion and turmoil that exists in many of the Churches of God today, I hope that we can all reach out to our fellow ministers and brethren at this time.
First of all, we need to pray fervently for everyone involved! Pray that God will guide them and keep them in His will. Pray that they may continue to believe the Truth and want to do the Work. Pray that God will bring with us those who should come and would loyally and cooperatively help us “do the Work.” For we certainly need more dedicated members and ministers, and I pray that all of us will wholeheartedly welcome them with open arms if they sincerely and lovingly want to come with us. Right now, as many of you know, hundreds of members are in the process of leaving the United Church of God. Many could go into little factions and end up doing nothing as far as reaching the entire world with the Gospel of the Kingdom. So we do need to cry out to God with all our hearts that some of them would come with us and that He would grant us favor in their sight and help them to realize that we do have a depth of love and unity that many of them have not been told about…
It was interesting to note that severaldifferent ministers from some of these other groups mentioned enthusiastically how “warm” and “comfortable” they felt with us and among our people. Hopefully it was an “eye-opening” experience for them and that God will guide it for the good. Brethren, most of you realize that a huge Work needs to be done within the next few years—far beyond anything we have done thus far. I can sincerely tell you that I can see more “light at the end of the tunnel” than I have ever seen before as far as the end of this age coming relatively soon and the foundations being prepared for a truly big Work to be done by us! As you know, Christ Himself has just opened the Discovery Channel to us, has given us a much better time on Word Network—which is already producing very good fruit—and now we are about to begin telecasting on the “God TV” Network all over the earth! Other doors are opening. Other doors will open through our prayers and fasting…
Dear brethren and fellow ministers let us be a praying and fasting Church more than ever! As Mr. Armstrong used to say, “The Church of God moves forward on its knees!”

And those who are confused and troubled now, do need our prayers.

I would again suggest that those who are currently troubled or confused pray, fast, and study.

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