Living University to Begin This Week


Living University is to begin this week.

LCG’s Dr. D. Winnail reported:

…more than 150 students are enrolled in Living University classes…

The first Living University classes will begin on Wednesday, August 15.  For those who still intend to register, please do so as soon as you can. 

One hundred and fifty students is a fair amount for a brand-new university. 

The website for Living University states:

  • Online orientation is August 13-14, 2007. Classes begin August 15. Registration and orientation may be completed online.

  • Late Registration is August 15-17. No additional registrations may be made after August 17. 

I suspect that other Church groups may decide to try to follow LCG’s lead in this area.  I believe that what LCG is doing is innovative, bold, and highly cost-effective–for both the students and the Church.

 Here is a link to Living University’s website 

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