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Factories for the fatherless.

Every year in the United States, 30,000-60,000 children are born from sperm donations. As more women want “husband-free” children and “gay marriage” increases, the “reproductive industry” makes vast sums of money through sperm donations. Sperm donors frequently sire dozens of children, and some hundreds, most of whom never know their father. But the “industry” creating fatherless children is rife with problems.Donors, parents, and medical personnel are worried about “…potential negative consequences of having so many children fathered by the same donors, including the possibility that genes for rare diseases could be spread more widely through the population. Some experts are even calling attention to the increased odds of accidental incest between half sisters and half brothers, who often live close to one another” (New York Times, November 5, 2011). A 2010 study of children born via sperm donation identified enormous mental health problems for children of “donors” (, March 2, 2012).

God intended for all children to grow up in intact families complete with a father and a mother–something that many today want to deny. Millennia ago, God warned, “You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child” (Exodus 22:22). Today’s reproductive industry, supporting selfish and perverted would-be parents, is afflicting the fatherless before they are even born!

One day soon, Jesus Christ will return and restore vital laws designed to support strong families, including teaching people how to have happy marriages. For more about this, read our booklet, God’s Plan for Happy Marriage.

Of course, it is not just happening in the USA.  But since the USA should know the Bible, it has even less excuse than some other lands who are doing the same.

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