Have published COGwriter warnings about Joe Biden come to pass?


Joe Biden took office one year ago.

Which was within a day of my book, Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction, getting published.

Has the Biden Administration fulfilled any warnings in that book?


Here is one item from my book, Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction:

The Biden-Harris team is interested in increasing debt, which the Bible condemns as a curse (Deuteronomy 28:15,44). They intend stimulus and other projects that are expected to increase the debt of the U.S.A. Increasing national debt will lead to destruction at the appointed time of the end (Habakkuk 2:3–8). They will not be able to reverse enough of the debt to stop Habakkuk 2:3-8 from being  fulfilled.

Debt has risen according to official government data:

According to the US Treasury, the debt of the USA as of 01/19/2021 was $27,752,835,868,445.35 (https://fiscaldata.treasury.gov/datasets/debt-to-the-penny/debt-to-the-penny). This is the date before Joe Biden took office.

According to the US Treasury, the debt of the USA as of 01/18/2022 was $29,868,786,972,155.16 (https://fiscaldata.treasury.gov/datasets/debt-to-the-penny/debt-to-the-penny)

This is an increase of over US$ 2 trillion in the first year of the Biden-Harris Administration!

Joe Biden has, even this week, continued to push for more government spending programs that would also be expected to raise debt.

This will not end well for the USA (cf. Habakkuk 2:6-8).

Here is another item from my book, Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction:

The Biden-Harris Administration is expected to promote European military spending which would help enable the rise of the King of the North/Beast power who will be in league with the final Antichrist.

In addition to promoting increased military spending by the Europeans, in September 21, Joe Biden endorsed European defense separate from NATO (https://www.defenseone.com/ideas/2021/09/biden-just-gave-france-something-more-valuable-submarine-contract/185560/)–this will not end well for the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39; see also USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses).

Here is another item from my book, Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction:

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both claim to be Christians, yet support restrictions on religious speech and actions, while specifically pushing for a sexual agenda that the Bible says ends in death and destruction (cf. Romans 1:18-32; Jude 7).

They have done that. Here are links to some items that document that  ‘Outrage After Biden Signs Executive Order Pushing Schools To Include Transgender Athletes In Girls’ Sports’ and AP, Mike Gendron, and DR: The first 12 days of Biden-Harris Administration.

Here is another item from my book, Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction:

The Biden-Harris Administration wants to increase Islamic immigration into the U.S.A. The Bible prophesies “There shall be terror within” (Deuteronomy 32:25). The Bible also specifically warns of problems from Arabic peoples in the end times (Psalm 83:3-8). Some Syrians, including some already in the U.S.A., may take terroristic actions as that too is consistent with biblical prophecy (cf. Isaiah 9:8-9, 11-12).

Increasing Islamic immigration into the USA has happened. Here are links to three items documenting that:  ‘Biden Extends, Expands Deportation Protection for Syrians in US’–a terrorism risk?CBS: Biden administration to allow private groups to sponsor Afghan evacuees; COGwriter: Terrorist risk?, and Potential terrorists? USA wants Afghani refugees, France’s Macron says EU should not.

Here is another item from my book, Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction:

Joe Biden has a history of making inaccurate statements about himself.

Here are some excerpts from a report by CNN that confirms that:

Fact check: A look at Biden’s first year in false claims

January 20, 2022

When President Joe Biden passingly said in a voting rights speech last week that he had been “arrested” in the context of the civil rights movement — even suggesting this had happened more than once — it was a classic Biden false claim: an anecdote about his past for which there is no evidence, prompted by a decision to ad-lib rather than stick to a prepared text, resulting in easily avoidable questions about his honesty.

Biden’s imaginary or embellished stories about his own history were the most memorable falsehoods of his first year in office. They were not, however, the only ones. The President also made multiple false claims about important policy matters, notably including three subjects that occupied much of his time: the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the economy and the Covid-19 pandemic. And Biden was incorrect on numerous occasions when ad-libbing about a wide assortment of facts and figures — sometimes in a way that appeared inadvertent, but other times in a way that helped him make a political point.

Biden distracted from his voting rights message with the baseless claim last week, which he had made before, about having been arrested during a civil rights protest; in some of the previous versions of the story, he had merely claimed a police officer had taken him home from a protest. (There is evidence Biden participated in some civil rights activities in his youth but no record of any arrest.)

And Biden told two different inaccurate stories while trying to emphasize his connection to the Jewish community.

At a September event in honor of the High Holy Days, Biden told Jewish leaders that he remembered “spending time at” and “going to” Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue, the site of an antisemitic massacre in 2018; he had spoken by phone to the synagogue’s rabbi in 2019 but never went. At a Hanukkah event in December, Biden claimed that late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir had invited him to meet with her during the Six-Day War of 1967 (he actually met with her weeks before the Yom Kippur War six years later) and, more significantly, that she had wanted him to be “the liaison between she and the Egyptians about the Suez, and so on and so forth.”

There is zero evidence Meir ever wanted to use a 30-year-old rookie US senator as a “liaison” with a major adversary. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/20/politics/fact-check-biden-false-claims-first-year-2021/index.html

The list of false claims by CNN was much longer than posted here. So, yes, that warning has also been confirmed.

As polls point to his declining popularity, Joe Biden denied their accuracy:

January 20, 2022

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Biden ends his first year in the White House with a clear majority of Americans for the first time disapproving of his handling of the presidency in the face of an unrelenting pandemic and roaring inflation, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

More Americans disapprove than approve of how Biden is handling his job as president, 56% to 43%. As of now, just 28% of Americans say they want Biden to run for re-election in 2024, including only 48% of Democrats.

Asked on Wednesday at a wide-ranging news conference about his flagging popularity, Biden responded, “I don’t believe the polls.” https://www.aol.com/news/biden-approval-hits-low-one-052107015-103658758.html

That being said, it is theoretically possible that Joe Biden will run for re-election and that his opponent might be Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a serial adulterer and Joe Biden is an ardent promoter of abortion.

And both of them have documented problems with the truth.

No matter who you may think is better, the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Donald Trump also fulfilled numerous warnings I had published about him. Here is a link to some of that: Donald Trump comments and leaves; COGwriter lists 20 items related to him that began to come to pass.

Before the last election, we in the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) put together the following video on our Bible News Prophecy YouTube channel:


The USA presidential campaign is in full swing. Though Democratic party candidate Joe Biden and Republican party candidate Donald Trump have differing economic and climate policies as well as different views on abortion and racial matters, there are many similarities both share. Do they have policies that they share that are leading to the destruction of the USA? What do Bible prophecies reveal about sexual immorality, debt, and hypocrisy? What are some of the national sins of the USA? Does the Bible endorse voting? What did Jesus teach related to what to seek and pray for? What does the New Testament teach that Christians are to do related to leaders? Is the lesser of two evils still evil? Dr. Thiel goes over these matters, including going over eleven similarities the two major party candidates share and some of what the Bible teaches about evil.

Here is a link to our sermonette video: Biden, Trump, and the Bible.

What should a Christian do?

As Jesus taught, “seek first the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33).

For another, pray:

1 Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2 for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, 4 who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:1-5)

9 In this manner, therefore, pray:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
10 Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:9-10)

Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will change what will happen to the USA without national repentance.

The end of the USA is getting closer, probably by 2028 (watch Is the USA prophesied to be destroyed by 2028?).

As far as warnings about the Biden-Harris Administration go, more that his Administration are fulfilling are in my book Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction.

American Democratic or Republican politicians are not what the USA needs.

The USA needs repentance, the return of Jesus, and the coming Kingdom of God.

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