Iran is Not the King of the South (Nor is Ethiopia)

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PCG’s Gerald Flurry has repeatedly taught that Iran is the future King of the South:

The king of the south, or Iran, is going to “push at him”—that is, the king of the north (the European Union)… The king of the south is about state-sponsored terrorism. That is how Iran became king! Daniel 11:40-43 is an end-time prophecy. It is about a nation that is always pushy in its foreign policy. It pushes until it starts a war. Having such power means that it must be a large oil-producing country. This king is close to Jerusalem, Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya. Who else could it be in this end time but Iran? Iran is extremely radical and the king over radical Islam” (Flurry, G. The King of the South. PCG Booklet).

But Iran is not south of Jerusalem.

In his weekly report last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong wrote:

Even the UN’s IAEA worries in public that Iran is concealing the military ambitions of their nuclear program.

There are further reports that Iranian bases involved in training and supplying insurgents in Iraq may soon come under U.S. attack.

What should we make of all the talk of war? Is Iran the “King of the South” of Bible prophecy? Would military conflict with Iran by either the United States or Israel signal the beginning of “tribulation”? As many advances as we’ve seen in the overall scenario, it seems that there are major portions of the equation that are simply not yet in place.

That indecision about Iran seems similar to a position UCG published:

Because Iran is, to this point, intractable in its demand to develop nuclear power, and because it produces the second highest amount of oil in OPEC, neither it nor its new president can be ignored.

Back to Daniel’s enigmatic prediction. He spoke of two geopolitical configurations, kings of the south and north. It’s too soon to tell whether Ahmadinejad will become the first “king,” but it is possible that the group backing that king of the south could well be some form of the Islamic ummah (community) (Maranville C.E. Could Ahmadinejad Be Daniel’s “King of the South”? World News & Prophecy, December 2005).

LCG takes a different view:

The King of the South is not Iran…The King of the South cannot be Iran. Iran is north of Jerusalem (Meredith RC. Endure with Faith. Sermon, Charlotte (NC), September 10, 2005).

I should probably add here that the Iranians are Persian, and not Arabic. They primarily speak Farsi, which is not an Arabic language. While the Iranians tend to be strict Moslems, they are NOT Arabs ethnically, but could provide some support to the King of the South.

RCG’s David Pack takes a different view:

The King of the South is Ethiopia

The truth is that neither Iran nor Ethiopia are going to be the final prophesied King of the South.

Iran’s geography eliminates it and Ethiopia’s lack of military/economic/political strength pretty much eliminate it if the end is coming in the timeframe that David Pack himself has indicated elsewhere.

Here is the truth about the future King of the South from LCG’s RC Meredith:

The final fulfillment of the prophecies about the coming King of the South are certainly yet to come. But, even now, it is obvious that many events now indicate that the stage is being set for the powerful Muslim leader indicated in Daniel 11:40–43. Our recent attack on Iraq, our constant backing of the state of Israel, and many other acts by the U.S. and Europe, have infuriated the Muslim world. The current situations in Israel and Iraq are causing the Arab world to unite in a manner unprecedented in recent times. This will certainly carry over into their backing for a truly powerful pan-Arab leader when God’s time comes.

So there are groups who claim the wrong King of the South, groups that do not know, while the Living Church of God does know. Therefore for those interested in watching world events as prophesied, it really does make a difference as to which Church of God one supports.

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