Real Threats to the USA, UK, & Their Allies


While the world will not end this month (for some details, see Ten ‘End of the World Predictions’ That Will Be Proven False This Month), there still are real threats to the USA and UK.  Here at five different types of news items which reported real dangers and problems for the USA, UK, and their allies:

Experts warn, in the wrong hands, could bring Western cities to their knees

1 December 2012

Codenamed the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP), it is the first time a missile with electromagnetic pulse capability has been tested...experts fear that the project could create an arms race, with countries scrambling to build their own electromagnetic pulse weapons…

‘Western countries are more dependent on electronics-based IT than others and would be vulnerable to extensive disruption.’

Official: Syria moving chemical weapons components
December 3, 2102

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. and allied intelligence have detected Syrian movement of chemical weapons components in recent days, a senior U.S. defense official said Monday, as the Obama administration again warned the Assad regime against using chemical weapons on Syrian rebels…Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in Prague for meetings with Czech officials, reiterated President Barack Obama’s declaration that Syrian action on chemical weapons was a ‘‘red line’’ for the United States that would prompt action…Clinton said that while the actions of President Bashar Assad’s government have been deplorable, chemical weapons would bring them to a new level.

UK wheat imports seen more than double in 2012-13
Britain’s wheat imports are expected to more than double in 2012/13 to 2.05 million tonnes following a poor quality domestic harvest, the farm ministry said on Tuesday, issuing the government’s first supply/demand balance for the current season. The ministry put imports for the 2011/12 season (July/June) at 908,000 tonnes.Traders and analysts have said Britain will be a net importer of wheat for the first time in a decade this year after a disease-ravaged harvest, much of which fails to meet the quality required for bread. Germany, France, the United States and Canada are Britain’s traditional suppliers but this year the net has been cast wider to include Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden and Poland, traders have said.

Ben’s Friend: QE IV Is Coming!

Quantitative Easing III, the much-talked-about “QE-Infinity” initiative announced in September, is still so new that it barely shows up as a blip on a chart of the Federal Reserve’s monetary base.

…And yet, it looks like QE IV is already on the agenda at the central bank’s monetary policy-making arm, the Federal Open Market Committee. After all, the Fed’s “Operation Twist” — the $45 billion-a-month swapping of short-term securities for longer-term debt — is set to go away at year-end.

As Bush White House economic adviser Lawrence Lindsey said, “At $85 billion a month in purchases, the Fed is buying the entire deficit.”

Timothy Geithner warns US could fall off ‘fiscal cliff’
December 2, 2012
US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has pressed Republicans to offer specifics on deficit reduction, though he admitted that he “can’t promise” that the country won’t fall off a looming “fiscal cliff” of sharp tax hikes and spending cuts.

Let’s briefly look at each of these five threats.

First, what if the USA itself were to be hit by one or more EMP weapons in the right areas?

The results of an EMP incident would be catastrophic:

  • · The U.S. power grid could be destroyed;
  • · Planes would crash;
  • · Water and sewerage systems would fail;
  • · Banks could not access their records;
  • · Transportation systems would be inoperable;
  • · The internet would go down;
  • · Emergency services would severely hampered.

Both U.S. and Soviet scientists became increasingly aware of the threat in 1962. A Financial Sense review of the problem noted that 50 years ago, a nuclear test 800 miles away from Hawaii knocked out 300 of the states’ street lights, triggered alarms, and caused damages to a telephone company. The same year, Moscow conducted three tests to discover the precise altitude a nuclear bomb needed to detonate at to destroy electronics on the ground.

One way that a country like Iran could inflict major damage to the USA would be an effective use of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons. This type of weapon may also be used by the coming prophesied King of the South and/or the King of the North.  I reported about the Syrian chemical weapons issue today because since Syria continues to have civil war, its President Assad may be wondering if he will want to attack Israel, possibly in conjunction with his strongest ally Iran, to try to change the reactions of the Islamic world towards him, as it is, in general, taking more steps to support his opposition.  Should he decide to use chemical and/or biological weapons, nations like the USA and UK may be affected–as President Assad’s use of them may not be directed at his opposition in Syria (his Foreign Minister has stated that he would not use them against them against Syrian citizens, Syrian Official Acknowledges Having Chemical Weapons and Declares Syria Will Use Them If Attacked, but we will see).

Getting back to the emp threat, power transformers in the USA and Canada (and elsewhere) are at risk and this could cause major economic and other damage to the USA. Such emp weapons, however, have never been used large scale, so precisely what would happen is subject to debate. But the reality is that emp weapons, as well as solar flares which have similar potential, are threats to the USA, its defenses, and its economy.

The USA, despite its military strength, is vulnerable to being hurt by EMP weapons as well as nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, dirty bombs, terrorism, and biological weapons. Now that everyone knows that EMPs can basically work as advertised, this may give the Iranians more reason to look further into using them if they feel pressed.

The wheat problem that the UK is experiencing will not only contribute to higher food prices (cf. Revelation 6;, it likely will also tend to increase the debt of the UK.  The United Kingdom has one of the highest per capita national debts of any country.

But, of course, the USA has the greatest total debt.  QEIII and QEIV are debasing the value of the currency of the USA and basically are a type of false money.

Inflating the money supply through currency debasing (QE1, QE2, QE3, and QEIV) and debt (“stimulus” programs) is not something advocated in the Bible.  Notice:

4 Take away the dross from silver (Proverbs 25:4a).

25 I will turn My hand against you,
And thoroughly purge away your dross,
And take away all your alloy. (Isaiah 1:25)

22 Your silver has become dross, Your wine mixed with water. (Isaiah 1:22)

Dross is a cheaper metal that is normally placed inside a covering of a precious metal like silver. Governments began to do this thousands of years ago when they had financial problems. Putting dross into silver cheapens currency, just like putting water into wine dilutes the wine’s value. In modern times, government spending in excess of revenues and quantitative easing programs (QE1, QE2, QE3, and QEIV from the Federal Reserve) are a way to dilute the value of currencies. This is not the biblical solution to US economic problems.

The rounds of quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve is sending a strong signal to the world that the USA does not know how to truly fix its economy, but that it hopes because its  dollar is the primary world’s reserve currency that it can get away with currency debasement and the rest of the world will put up with it–and while that may be true in the short run, it is sending a signal to the rest of the world that the US dollar needs to be replaced as the world’s primary reserve currency.

Now, the real cause of why all of this is happening to the USA is sin.  Because of it’s increasing secularism, greed, and tolerance for sexual, abortive, violence, and other sins, the USA is getting closer to reaping more what it has sown:

7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. 8 For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. (Galatians 6:7-8)

One of the many cursings that were prophesied in the Bible to be reaped for disobedience was that of accumulation of debt:

43 The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower. 44 He shall lend to you, but you shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail. 45 Moreover all these curses shall come upon you and pursue and overtake you, until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of the LORD your God, to keep His commandments and His statutes which He commanded you (Deuteronomy 28:42-45).

As the Anglo-American nations have not kept God’s commandments, they have become the greatest debtor nations of all time. And while some do not count quantitative easing as “debt”, it is an improper “solution” to the USA’s economic woes.

The ‘fiscal cliff’ that the USA is facing, pretty much irrespective of how the politicians will deal with it, basically is also showing the world that the USA is no longer a nation that intends to lead the world economically.

“And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13:37).

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