What will likely come from the NSA debate?


NSA claims that what it does doe not violate the privacy of Americans:

NSA debate: Will reforms ease public concern or compromise safety?

August 11, 2013

Top-secret National Security Agency programs that cull metadata from U.S. citizens to keep tabs on potential terrorist threats in no way violate Americans’ privacy, two high-ranking members of the House Intelligence Committee and one former intelligence official agreed Sunday on “Face the Nation.” But with details of the programs circulating internationally thanks to Edward Snowden, they all added, reforms may be necessary, if only to placate public perception.President Obama on Friday announced a series of steps to make NSA programs more transparent, explaining not only how the programs operate but also releasing the Justice Department’s legal rationale for the programs. The administration also plans to back various reforms to the programs to strengthen oversight…

Going forward will be hard, Hayden continued, because some steps the president could take to make the public more comfortable with NSA activity “will actually make Americans less safe.”…

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., another member of the House Intelligence Committee, argued on the show that the president’s primary fault has been staying “silent for the past two months.”

“He allowed the Edward Snowdens and others in the world to dominate the media, and now we have people thinking the NSA is spying on people, is listening to our phone calls,” he said. “The president of the United States as commander-in-chief had the obligation to be aggressively and effectively defending his program, and he really didn’t do it.”

Lauding NSA employees as “patriots,” “what has annoyed me the most over the last several months is people casually using words like ‘spying,’ ‘snooping,'” King said. “There is too much loose talk here … every time I hear ‘snooping,’ and ‘spying,’ it just drives me crazy.”  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-3460_162-57598015/nsa-debate-will-reforms-ease-public-concern-or-compromise-safety/

I absolutely believe that what NSA does, as well as many other agencies of the USA government do, violates privacy.  I also believe that once the European Beast power takes over the USA, it will go through remaining government computers to look up information about various ones who the USA government had information on.  The data collection techniques, as well as likely some of the actual data itself, will benefit the final persecuting European Beast power (cf. Daniel 7:25)–and because of the Snowden matter, the Europeans have asked for (see EU tells USA to stop spying on it as it asks for more information) and USA has already agreed to share a lot with the Europeans (see item in Germany most upset by USA espionage).

Now as far as the more medium term future for the USA, what do I expect?

I expect that the government will take steps to make its data collection and espionage more ‘legal’ in the views of the constitutionally-devoid.  I also believe that the US President Barack Obama will likely put some highly limited restrictions on some of what NSA does.  But overall, the US government will end up with more data, at least in total.

I also believe that once there is some type of terrorist attack in the USA that it will be used as an excuse to change the rules again and allow more data collection and espionage.  Various government officials in the past have said that they should not ‘waste’ a ‘good crisis.’  Watch.

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