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In its latest weekly update, LCG reported:

Federalizing Europe. Four years ago, Europeans voted down the European Constitution, along with its flag and national anthem, leaving the EU without an official flag or anthem. Yet, at the opening of the European Parliament two weeks ago, Eurocorps military soldiers raised a large European flag. The troops then stood at attention while the “previously official” European National Anthem, Ode to Joy, was played. One UK Independence Party leader observed, “There is no pretence anymore. The EU is to be a fully militarized state.” A European MEP also observed, “These displays are Europe attempting to take upon itself a character that the vast majority of its citizens do not want.” An Irish representative noted, “Drafting in combat soldiers to raise the European flag is politically explosive as Ireland prepares to hold a second Lisbon Treaty vote and after the Irish government denied any link between the EU and militarism” (Telegraph, July 13, 2009). A federal, militarized, fully operational European super-state is what many of the political elite in Europe want—but even more Europeans fear! Bible prophecies reveal that, at the time of the end, ten kingdoms will arise in a region north of Jerusalem as a revival of the Holy Roman Empire (see Daniel 2 and Revelation 17). These nations or groups of nations will eventually “give their power” [surrender their sovereignty] to a centralized military and governmental structure (Revelation 17:13). The attempts to forge Europe into a federal power continue to move in a direction that will fulfill Bible prophecies!

EU Military Potential Grows. Few Europeans are aware of the European Defense Agency that was established five years ago by the EU to foster military cooperation and integration among member countries. As one Dutch researcher comments, “Like most developments in the area of European military co-operation, the work of the EDA is happening completely outside the view of the wider general public” (, July 14, 2009). While progress has been slow, the EDA reflects the mindset of EU leaders. The EU Constitution mandated members “to improve their military capabilities” and French President Sarkozy has stated, “Europe cannot be a dwarf in terms of defense and a giant in economic matters.” Javier Solana, who functions as the EU Foreign Minister, sees “the need to bolster Europe’s military capabilities to match our aspirations.” These military aspirations fit the descriptions of the beast that will arise from the ashes of the Roman Empire and become a powerful military force in the world at the end of the age (see Daniel 7:7, 19-23; 11:29-45; Revelation 13:1-4).

Despite claims from pundits and critics, the reality is that the Europeans are the ones prophesied to fulfill much of Revelation 13, 17, 18, and Daniel 11:27-45.

Europe will thus have to have a strong military to do so.

Few in the world seem to realize that THE PRIMARY reason that the EU is developing its Galileo “GPS” system is for MILITARY applications (I reported on this over a year ago, see EU Approves Galileo For Military Use).

The Europeans are also taking many less publicized actions to have a strong military.  But most seem unaware of this.

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