Swedish SDA member wants people to know how vaccines are really made


A Seventh-day Adventist sent me the following today:


_____________________________Let us work together to replace our church´s condemnable pro-vaccine stance with a credible, neutral vaccine policy!

Lars Kullberg

A Seventh-day adventist in Karlstad, Sweden

Anyway, I watched the short video (it is about 4 minutes and 11 seconds long) related to the ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine. Readers may find the video of interest. The particular vaccine in the video involves cruelly giving monkeys a disease and eventually mixing an extract of a live virus from monkey kidneys with parts of pigs and other animals.

The video also mentions side effects of this particular vaccine. So to determine its credibility, I went to the US FDAs official website. Here is what it says about it.

 Are there any possible side effects associated with the use of ACAM2000?
Yes, health complications can occur after receiving the vaccine, and the risk of experiencing serious side effects must be weighed against the risk of experiencing a potentially fatal smallpox infection.

The vaccine may cause myocarditis and pericarditis, which are inflammation and swelling of the heart and surrounding tissues and can be very serious. Based on clinical studies, myocarditis and/or pericarditis occur in 1 in 175 adults who get the vaccine for the first time.

In the ACAM2000 clinical trial experience, seven individuals of the 2,983 ACAM2000 first-time recipients and three individuals of the 868 Dryvax first-time recipients were suspected to have myocarditis/pericarditis. There were no cases in those subjects who had been vaccinated previously.

Serious health problems, including those that are life-threatening, can also occur in unvaccinated people who are accidentally infected by someone who has recently received the vaccine. In particular, unvaccinated people who are pregnant, or have problems with their heart or immune system, or have skin problems like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and have close contact with a vaccine recipient are at an increased risk for serious problems if they become infected with the vaccine virus, either by being vaccinated, or by being in close contact with a person who was vaccinated. It is very important for the ACAM2000 recipient to properly care for the vaccination site to prevent the virus in the vaccine from spreading and infecting another part of the body and other people.

These types of serious adverse events are similar to those that occurred in the past with other smallpox vaccines.

More commonly observed side effects include: itching, sore arm, fever, headache, body ache, mild rash and fatigue.

Who should not be immunized with ACAM2000?

A healthcare provider may decide not to give ACAM2000 if a person has a weakened immune system (e.g., leukemia, HIV, AIDS, transplant recipients, people with cancer that has spread, and those undergoing treatment with medicines that suppress the immune system such as steroids, prednisone, and cancer drugs). In addition, healthcare providers may decide not to vaccinate individuals with skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis who are at increased risk of complications. https://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/QuestionsaboutVaccines/ucm078041.htm

Now, before going further, it should perhaps be pointed out that the above study was not published in a journal indexed by PubMed. That does not mean it is good or bad, only that it is not a journal that the US NIH is referencing. Here is a link to the entire study: http://www.rescuepost.com/files/mawson-et-al-2017-vax-unvax-jnl-translational-science.pdf

An earlier email from the same SDA member stated “Let us work together to replace our Church´s condemnable pro-vaccine stance with a credible, neutral vaccine policy!” and:

Our Church leaders will have us believe that their vaccine policy is supported by the Bible and by Ellen White, but nothing could be more untrue. To imply that our Savior condones the horrendous practice of injecting people – and babies in particular – with toxic chemicals is to insult God. 1 Corinthians 6:19.

Neither does “peer-reviewed scientific literature” support our Church´s pro-vaccine stance, for there is no solid evidence proving vaccines prevent diseases. When vaccination campaigns started, the epidemics had already declined and were almost gone. We got rid of them due to improved sanitation and living conditions, clean water, and better food – not because of vaccines.

Lars Kullberg,

a Seventh-day Adventist Church member in Karlstad, Sweden

It is not just the SDA church. Many Protestant and COG groups have taken a similar position, basically for legal reasons. Generally speaking the Church of Rome and many Protestant churches are generally pro-vaccine.

Years back, the fairly pro-vaccine publication Consumer Reports mentioned that vaccinations seem to increase the probability of developing asthma. The State of California used to allow parents to not vaccinate their children, but now they are forcing the issue as are other governments. Let me state that having met with health officials in California, including giving testimony about two decades back before the Assembly Health committee, I have seen first hand how certain decisions appear to be made, and money and political considerations are normally more important than health and true public welfare.

The Bible teaches:

10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10)

Someone in the World Health Organization (WHO) was relieved of his job a while back when the Europeans realized that he overly pushed flu vaccines two years in a row using scientifically-unsound scare tactics and had ties to the company making certain flu vaccines. Do not think that money and greed play no role in the politics of vaccinations.

Of course, vaccines per se are not a massive doctrinal issue, but the trend around the world is to reduce rights of parents and others who have concerns about them. Much of the world is moving towards a more totalitarian government–and moving away from religious freedom.

My wife and I did not vaccinate any of our three children. Nor has she or I had any vaccines in adulthood despite traveling to various countries around the world.

Am I saying that all vaccinations are necessarily wrong?


If I had to get a shot to visit some country to do the work (Matthew 24:14; 28:19-20), I would do it. (Some countries require vaccines to enter them.)

Yet, I also do not believe that one must intentionally expose oneself or ones’ children to the pathogens and other elements involved with vaccines. Nor do I believe that vaccines should be mandated to parents.

The old Radio Church of God published the following back in 1961:

One doctor states that polio is caused by a weakened physical constitution and that health-promoting foods can prevent polio completely. Children who indulge in soft drinks (especially “colas”), candy, over-sweetened and refined, starchy foods, are the greatest sufferers of polio. POLIO IS UNKNOWN in countries where people live on NATURAL foods — raw milk, whole-grain cereals, fruits and vegetables — and do not have our refined, devitalized, demineralized foods, candies and soft drinks. …

The main diet of many people, especially children, in summer (the polio season) consists of colas, soft drinks, candy, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream. If we would replace this “junk” with substantial meals of fresh fruits, melons, milk, vegetables and protein foods (meat, fish, poultry and eggs), then we would have greater resistance to polio and other diseases. Also, there would be almost no tooth decay. Vaccination does not eliminate the CAUSE of disease — that of WRONG LIVING HABITS! Disease is caused by wrong eating, living and thinking! Our WAY OF LIFE must be changed in order to eliminate sickness and disease. This can only be done by following the principles of life — the basic laws of health — given by our Creator in His Word, the Bible. (Boraker R. The TRUTH About DRUGS and VACCINES. Good News, August 1961)

People should eat what is good (Isaiah 55:2) and try to live in accordance with God’s laws of health.

Let’s all remember that Jesus said that a time of pestilences would come (Matthew 24:7-8). Vaccines will NOT stop this from happening, and could possibly make it worse. In an old radio broadcast, the late Herbert W. Armstrong stated:

Jesus said in Matthew 24, and speaking in verse 8 of the pestilence and of the famine that is to come; and we’re getting a foretaste of it and there is a terrific national drought coming that will be accompanied by such disease epidemics that one third of our people are going to drop dead; and in spite of all polio vaccines and everything of the kind my friends, things are coming that doctors will never know anything about or be able to cope with. It is in your Bible.

Vaccines are not going to save society (see also Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse).

Decades ago, the late Dr. Ernest Martin wrote:

Leading doctors have warned that there is no substitute for clean living – that drugs cannot nullify the damage done by wanton breaking of all health laws – and that wholesale vaccinations can weaken man’s overall natural resistance to disease. But as long as we appear to be well, almost no one gives these warnings a second thought.(Martin E. Will we ever learns? Plain Truth, August 1965)

Turning from sin, eating only what is good, and obeying sanitary principles in the Bible are more effective than vaccines.

As far as the SDA church goes, it has less emphasis on health than it did when it formed in the 19th century, plus it has gone through other changes as well.

In the Continuing Church of God, we send, to our members who request it, a letter for religious exemptions to vaccines. However, with laws in places like the State of California, such letters are generally ignored (which differs from the past). Even if the SDA church became anti-vaccine, its influence on that would be minimal.

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