St. Patrick’s Day going gay?

Postcard from 1912 for “St. Patrick’s Day”


March 17th is often observed as St. Patrick’s Day. Each year millions of people observe St. Patrick’s Day, but those in the Continuing Church of God do not observe what is supposed to be a Catholic observance.

Now, with the massively increased acceptance of the homosexual agenda in the USA, and certain other lands, the homosexuals apparently will get the option to publicly participate in certain St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in a way that they were not allow to in the past:

March 1, 2014

A marriage equality group says Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is easing its two-decade ban on gay organizations.

A MassEquality official said Saturday a group of gay military veterans can march under its banner as part of a tentative deal brokered by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh. But marchers from the gay-rights group would not be allowed to wear clothing or hold signs that refer to sexual orientation.

Negotiators will work out final details in the coming week.

Walsh had threatened to boycott the city annual parade unless gay groups are allowed to march. He told The Boston Globe the agreement is a breakthrough.

“Marriage equality” is a codeword for homosexual marriage.  We will see when marriage may be expanded to include more than two people and perhaps bestiality.

Homosexuals often parade to promote their message and some tend to cross-dress.

Of course, none of that is biblically-approved.

And while I do not believe that St. Patrick’s Day is a biblical observance, one would think that since it is supposed to be a Catholic holiday, that perhaps the organizers would not compromise to the point of allowing homosexual groups to actively parade as part of the annual observance.  But money, pressure, and the homosexual agenda talk, and apparently the organizers of the event felt that they had little choice.  Perhaps, and hopefully, this will not happen and they will repent.

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