Azerbaijan irritating Iran



Nearly a week ago, it was reported that Jerusalem and Baku have made a deal which may increase the probability of an Israeli strike against Iran.  This is not the only step Azerbaijan took that Iran does not like:

“North Azerbaijan”
Members of Azerbaijan’s ruling party recently suggested changing the name of their country to “North Azerbaijan” because there are 16 million Azeris living in northern Iran who are in need of “liberation.”
Foreign Policy cited senior American government officials who suggested that Israel had secured the use of airbases in Azerbaijan, a Caucasus nation that borders Iran to the north. “The Israelis have bought an airfield, and the airfield is called Azerbaijan,” said one US official.
Spy scandal between Azerbaijan and Iran turns epic
…On the background of the spy scandal and sharp exchange of diplomatic notes, there is an aggravation in another area. Tehran was outraged by the recent statements from Baku about renaming Azerbaijan into the “North Azerbaijan“.

Azerbaijan is located on the northern end of the Iranian border. As I reported last week, a significant number of people who speak the Azerbaijani language live in Iran.  Azerbaijan undoubtedly seems to be expressing unity with others that speak its language.

Iran, as well as its ally Syria, are becoming increasingly isolated on the world scene (Gulf States and others, including the USA, are now giving money to the opposition in Syria).

And although Israel is shunned, etc. by many, the fact is that Israel still believes that the USA will back it, and is also relatively convinced that semi-Iranian allies, such as Russia will not engage in a major regional war with Iran against Israel (and while an alliance between Iran and Russia is prophesied to occur, it is not prophesied for this time–but much later).

Iran must be thinking that Azerbaijan wants some of its territory in the event of a successful attack by Israel and perhaps others.  Iran will likely somehow be changed before the prophesied King of the South rises up (Daniel 11:40).  Perhaps  Azerbaijan will end up with some of its current territory.

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