Canadians Having Debt Problems

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada


While Canada’s economy has seemingly fared better than the USA’s lately, there are still debt problems there:

Will we ever pay the debt down?

Winnipeg Free Press – Joel Schlesinger – ‎Apr 2, 2011‎…

For the Manitoba government, that’s about $14 billion or $11,300 per Manitoban.  By comparison, the federal government’s debt is about $559 billion, or roughly $16300 per Canadian.  And it’s only getting worse. Both the federal and provincial governments have run deficits — annual budgetary shortfalls in revenue over expenses — in recent years and admit they will continue to for a few years more.

Canadians trying to reduce debt but not succeeding

Montreal Gazette – ‎Mar 30, 2011‎

Canadian household debt has ballooned in recent years. Collectively, that debt is estimated at more than $1.4 trillion, according to the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada. Statistics Canada says debt as a percentage of after-tax stood at 148.7 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2010, with the average Canadian now owing $44,500.

So, both governmental (federal and provincial) and personal debt remain problems in Canada.  The above figures, using Manitoba, suggest that the average Canadian’s debt is C$ 82,100 EACH!

Although Canada has a more export-oriented economy than the USA (which is a MAJOR Canadian strength), prophetically and militarily it is tied to the USA and is expected to suffer essentially the same fate.

Which is?

Unless there is national repentance, it will ultimately be taken over and probably have its lands divided.

Because of military and political considerations, in several years, the King of the North might give Russia all or parts of Alaska as well as possibly parts of Canada, as well as some people from those lands.

The reality is that the economies of the Anglo-nations will have ups and downs until they finally collapse (cf. Habakkuk 2:3-8) and are taken over (Daniel 11:39).

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