EU’s Recommendation 666

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In addition to using a woman riding a beast as a symbol (cf. Revelation 17:3) and also using the tower of Babel as a symbol (see Europa, the Beast, and Revelation), the military portion of the EU put outRecommendation 666 in June of 2000 by the Western European Union (which has a 10 Nation military alliance within the European Union). The text stated in part:

“1. Take the measures necessary for WEU to ensure that the collective defence commitment provided for in Article V of the modified Brussels Treaty is effectively maintained, taking account of the recent decisions concerning the European Security and Defence Policy.”
“12. Support proposals for the WEU Secretary-General and CFSP High Representative to preside over the PSC and civilian crisis-management machinery and give him powers to convene the Council of the European Union in the event of an emergency.” source:

666 himself will likely rely on that last recommendation and expand upon it.  This will not be good for the USA and its Anglo-allies.

Even now there are concerns that the EU will cause problems for NATO:

Nato alliance ‘at risk’ from EU defence policy
The traditional Nato alliance is at risk from the competing efforts of the European Union’s own defence policy, the head of the EU Military Committee has warned.
Telegraph – Sept 4, 2009

Henri Bentegeat, a four-star general and former Chief of Defence Staff at the Elysee Palace, admitted to MEPs that the two defence arms – largely comprised of the same member states – sometimes overlapped their efforts to the detriment of both.

General Bentegeat was responding to questions at a meeting of the European Parliament’s Defence Committee

Gen Bentegeat told MEPs: “Sometimes the EU and Nato are competing and harming.” He cited the example of the fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia as a regrettable case of multiple military operations, and insisted that “US involvement was essential for any major military operation”.

The general rejected the idea of setting up a permanent EU military headquarters, but he insisted that the EU did have a “distinctive” military contribution to make because it could offer an “integrated approach” to crisis management. The EU was often the only international player parties to a conflict would accept, he pointed out.

As I have long written, I suspect that NATO (or some successor organization somewhat like it) will be the guise that will allow a surprise attack on the USA by the emerging European 666 power (also known as the Beast power or the final King of the North).

Let me again briefly explain this.  Probably the best way that Europe can get its military unnoticed into the USA for an attack  is if it does some type of joint “NATO” exercise in North America, as opposed to being in Europe (where most such joint exercises have taken place).  This would give the Europeans the element of surprise that is more valuable in war than most people seem to appreciate.  I believe that something like this can happen some time in the next decade.

Thus, I believe that some type of military agreement will be in place between the Europeans and the Americans (including the Canadians) next decade.  And that such an agreement will allow for joint military exercises.  Currently, NATO fills that role.  And it may be the vehicle for this surprise attack in the future.

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