Frog Plague in Greece, Are Locusts Next?

Are Locusts Next?


Greece had a major problem with frogs yesterday:

What next, locusts?
The debt-laden Greeks must sometimes feel they have angered the gods.

Dow finishes below 10,000 as Greece is swarmed by plague of frogs
True Slant – May 26, 2010  excerpt…
But while everyone is freaking out about the Euro, they should be looking at closer signs of the impending apocalypse. It’s not just the daily protests in Greece over cutting the country’s overstuffed budget.
It’s the plague of frogs that descended on a part of the country today: If you start hearing about Europeans coming down with lice or a lot of cattle dying in Switzerland, I recommend going to your phone book and trying to find Mr. Jesus H. Christ, or the Rebbe if you roll that way.

More and more secular sources are including biblical language in reporting the news.  But contrary to the first article above, the 10 plagues most certainly caused a financial meltdown in Egypt, though they did not have the same type of financial meltdown that Greece is having–in Egypt it was worse as the plagues led to real food shortages as well as the death of the firstborn.

Millions of frogs in part of Greece surely are reminiscent of the fact  that God caused a plague of frogs in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Wars, famines, and pestilences are expected in the very near future as part of the beginning of sorrows (Matthew 24:7-8).  While frogs of themselves are probably not one of the pestilences, locusts might be (see USA, UK, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand Facing Many Potential Pestilences).

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