Hurricane Irma continued its deadly and destructive path through the Caribbean on Friday morning, and is still on track to slam into Miami this weekend.

The storm, which went from a Category 5 to a 4, remained powerful, with winds of 150 mph, according to an 8 a.m. ET National Hurricane Center bulletin. Irma was about 80 miles northeast of Cabo Lucrecia, Cuba, and 450 miles southeast of Miami.

Irma grazed the Turks & Caicos Islands earlier Friday as it swept toward the southeastern Bahamas — promising more devastation after flattening homes and cutting power to a string of Caribbean islands and killing at least 12 people. …

It hit Puerto Rico with a glancing blow late Wednesday, killing at least three people, after battering the islands of Barbuda, St. Bart and St. Martin.

Thousands of people were left homeless in French-controlled St. Martin, where four people were reported dead and thousands more were left homeless after Irma demolished 95 percent of buildings on the island. One death was reported on the Dutch side of the island. Another death was reported on the island of Barbuda.

Video obtained by NASA had the eye of Irma, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record, passing just to the north of the Dominican Republic on Thursday morning.