Problems and Lessons from Superstorm Sandy


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Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

“Superstorm Sandy” roared through the Caribbean last week taking 68 lives and leaving food shortages in the island nation of Haiti ( and, October 31, 2012). Sandy then plowed into the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., killing dozens more and causing billions of dollars in damage.As a result of the storm, more than 8 million customers lost electric power and more than 15,000 airline flights were cancelled. Another 90,000 electric customers in Ontario and Quebec were left without power. The record fourteen-foot storm surge that inundated New York City filled subways with water. Over three feet of snow fell in the West Virginia mountains and major flooding is expected as it melts ( , October 31, 2012). Reflecting on the devastation across his state, New Jersey governor Chris Christie commented: “I never thought I’d see what I saw today… We will rebuild it. No question in my mind, we’ll rebuild it…But for those of us who are my age, it won’t be the same. It will be different because many of the iconic things that made it what it was are now gone and washed into the ocean” ( , October 30, 2012).

Hurricane Sandy is just one storm, but it’s had a devastating impact on a major population center of the U.S. that is not accustomed to such weather. However, Bible prophecies indicate that Hurricane Sandy is just a “foretaste” of what is yet to come. Long ago, God warned that the cities of modern Israelite nations would be destroyed if these nations turned away from His laws (Leviticus 26:31)–which is what we are witnessing today! Jesus Christ warned that major disasters will precede His second coming (Matthew 24:4-14). Hurricane Sandy illustrates the sobering scale of disasters that will become more frequent as we draw closer to the end of the age.

Thankfully, God will not destroy humanity. His desire is that human beings repent and begin to obey His laws. When this happens, disasters like this “superstorm” will recede into the pages of history and be no more (Leviticus 26:1-13).

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Sandy shows that humans have limited power and that the environment can dramatically change.  In the future, there will be worse storms coming than superstorm Sandy.

There are still Sandy-related flooding, transportation, and other problems because of the superstorm, and many in the Caribbean also are still dealing with its aftermath:

Sandy aftermath: Death toll rises; frustrations over shortages, aid

Chicago Tribune- 2 November 2012

Four days after superstorm Sandy smashed into the Northeast, the death toll climbed above 100 and anger mounted over gasoline shortages, power outages and waits for relief supplies.Deaths in the U.S. and Canada blamed on Sandy rose to at least 102 on Friday…The storm also killed at least 69 people in the Caribbean, including at least 54 in Haiti and 11 in Cuba, before hitting the U.S. coast…

Sandy death toll in US rises to nearly 100; ‘could be more,’ NYC (blog)-2 November 2012

Nineteen bodies have been found in Staten Island following Hurricane Sandy and many fear the number will rise…The storm also killed at least 69 people in the Caribbean, including 54 in Haiti and 11 in Cuba.

My prayers go out to those who lost loved ones from the storm.  Recovery of certain areas will take time.

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