Ronald Weinland Announced When He Claims Jesus Will Return

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On February 7, 2008, Ronald Weinland of  CGPFK announced the following in a posted letter:

We are now feverishly trying to simply plan for the burst of activity that is coming our way over the next couple of months. We are there! As it was mentioned in this past Sabbath’s sermon, the final countdown has begun, as the 1335 days before the actual day Jesus Christ returns began on February 2, 2008…

Just over the last couple of months, the numbers of those God has brought to the Church has more than doubled our size. All indications are that over the next few weeks it will double again. Yet this is not about numbers, but it is about what God is doing at this end-time, and in a few months such numbers will be minor in comparison to those who God begins to call on a far greater scale worldwide…

As I have repeatedly told readers of this page, the Great Tribulation will not begin this year (please see article Great Tribulation Will Not Begin in 2008) and thus Jesus will not return in 2011 as Ronald Weinland is teaching (he later clarified and specified that Jesus would return on September 29, 2011–but Ronald Weinland is incorrect for many reasons).

The 1335 days did not start on February 2, 2008.  Several events, such as the stopping of the organized efforts of proclaiming the gospel (which happens at the beginning of the 1335 days), have not occurred (information on that is included in the article Who is the King of the North?).  Nor will the 1290 days begin on March 18, 2008 as his pronouncement indicates, nor will the 1260 days begin on April 17, 2008 as his pronouncement also indicates (stay tuned as I intend to explain why he missed those dates once they come to pass).

Thus when people realize all of this, his membership will most likely plummet by June 2008–unless they misinterpret some news events as the beginning of the tribulation.

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