Ronald Weinland: Nothing will happen between now and July 16

Ronald Weinland Says His Books and His Interpretations of the Bible Are What He Wants Potential Supporters to Study. The COGwriter Site Instead Urges Those Interested in Him and End-Time Prophecies to Spend More Time Checking His Writings with the Bible.


In a sermon yesterday, which he eventually titled as “Following God”, he mentioned the letter he posted a couple of days ago (see Ron Weinland Admits He Had Nothing Pertinent to Report–But that he will continue!).

He said nothing will happen between now and July 16th. But he said this is also exciting and that he is responding to where God is leading. However, it has been Ronald Weinland and not God who has led his church.

He spent time trying to motivate his followers to follow even though what he said did not come to pass. He said that if the church does not have a sense of urgency then there is a problem.

Certainly the true church needs to have a sense of urgency, but his church is not true. It is a unitarian organization formed for a great tribulation to begin in the Spring of 2008 with Ronald Weinland as a self-appointed one of the two witnesses. The Godhead is NOT unitarian, the great tribulation did not happen, and Ronald Weinland is not one of the two witnesses.

He claimed that there has been an increase in “the intensity in the thunders…there is no physical evidence of the trumpets”. He also claimed that the first trumpet–which again he said was blown on April 17th–would not be fulfilled until December. He mentioned floods, earthquakes, droughts, and economic upheaval–“we are now getting close to a worldwide economic collapse” (he once said that the dollar would be worthless “a little past April” 2008).

He basically admits that he was wrong about the 1335, 1290, and 1260 days–while saying that the messages for each of those times was still somehow true.

He said that he probably should not have said certain things in radio interviews–like deadline dates by which he would admit that he was a false prophet. He also said, “I am being prepared for a job I haven’t yet started”. He then said that he was God’s prophet. He also admitted that he has been presumptuous.

But he is not God’s prophet. And he again called his critics mockers–he almost always has a bitter tone of voice during the time he discusses his critics.

He then said that on September 30, 2008 he would have more information to share (apparently on prophetic matters) and that the purpose and plan will become more exciting. He said “wait, for it will all come together on that day…things that will dumbfound you–dumbfounded me”.

And while that is good he admits some of his errors, does he not remember what he said in all the sermons since February 2, 2008 when he claimed the 1335 days began, March 18th when he claimed that the 1290 days had began, and April 17th when he claimed the 1260 days began?

He always said in his sermons that the events did occur and events were happening, but that only he and some others could see how they happened and how the prophesied events really were happening.

Why would anyone believe him?

He should be thanking people like me for warning people not to follow him, for warning people that the 1335 days did not begin on 2/2/08, for warning people that the 1290 days could not have started on 3/18/08, and why the 1260 days could not have began on 4/17/08.

Instead, he basically indicates that he and his followers are learning. As far as I can tell, he and his followers seem to be learning that they can continue to believe a lie–sadly they all seem to still be deceived.

They now (and before) should be checking out what he taught and the Bible taught. He has always been found lacking. No matter how much he continues to plead with people to follow him, he still is not God’s prophet.

He is a false prophet. That’s the bottom line.

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