South Africa and India Building Closer Ties

Durban, South  Africa
Durban, South Africa


India and South Africa have trading ties and the leadership of both of these nations wants to make them stronger:

South Africa and India look to build on their roaring trade in stories

June 3, 2010 2:17pm

by James Fontanella-Khan
South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma made it clear on Thursday that his decision to visit India – and not China – in his first official trip to Asia was primarily inspired by a sentiment of brotherhood towards an old ally in the struggle against imperialist oppression rather than business interests.The populist South African leader and India’s commerce minister Anand Sharma – who took part in a business forum between the two emerging market countries – traded more old memories about their relevant political struggles than serious plans on how to boost investment.At times, the press conference hosted at Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Hotel, seemed more like an independence rally, rather than a meeting of economic minds.Speeches evoking Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, respectively India’s and South Africa’s liberation heroes, were of the first order. Talk of the “South” – or developing nations – overtaking the “North” – or developed economies – also helped revive the days when anti-colonial sentiments dominated the public debate in both nations.
Indeed, the Indian National Congress was among the biggest supporters of South Africa’s African National Congress during the apartheid years…

Mahatma Gandhi, himself, spent time in Durban.  Both India and South Africa had ties in the British Commonwealth, and both have substantial populations that speak English.  South Africa, especially in the Durban area (which is one place my wife and I attended the Feast of Tabernacles many years ago), has a substantial population of people whose ethnicity comes from India.

Thus, there are several reasons for wanting to build stronger ties.

Instead of the world basing itself on Anglo-American trade, more and more nations are trying to establish direct trading with other nations.  And this is simply another sign that the Anglo-descended nations are losing influence.

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