UK and USA Losing Military Secrets


Both the United Kingdom and the United States are  losing military secrets–intentionally:

05 February 2011

WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain’s nuclear secrets

The US secretly agreed to give the Russians sensitive information on Britain’s nuclear deterrent to persuade them to sign a key treaty, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

It was also recently announced that the UK is going to work closer with France militarily and essentially share secrets with that continental nation.

As I reported last year, the USA has decided to rely on Europe’s Galileo system for part of its military defense (USA GPS and EU Galileo linking was expected).  The USA is also in the process of sharing sensitive GPS information with the Europeans.  Furthermore, since September 2009, there has been a French, not US general, in charge of NATO in Europe (see French General Now Commands NATO’s U.S. Headquarters).

Some apparently see this as fine as the Europeans are CURRENTLY allies of the UK and USA.  But Bible prophecy warns that a European Beast power will rise up and go against “the strongest fortresses” (Daniel 11:39)–the “strongest fortresses” in the world happen to currently be possessed by the USA.  Although most of the Europeans really do not mean so now, they will take over the Anglo-descended nations (cf. Isaiah 10).

People need to understand that the USA has been winning certain military battles because of secretive technological prowess.  Technological prowess that it seems willing to share with enemies who will use it against the USA in the future.  Linking up with Galileo will put the USA at major risk of not being able to launch an effective counter-strike once a European power attacks it.

The Bible says that the world will marvel at the coming Beast’s military abilities (Revelation 13:1-4)–military abilities that will likely come about from secrets gained from the USA and UK as well as what it develops on its own (like from the Large Hadron Collider)–but does not share with the USA or UK.

Do Americans not remember that the wars in Kuwait and Iraq were waged first by the USA having vastly superior air/space systems?  Many Britains do not trust the EU and those that know their history realize that France has been an enemy as well as an ally.  The world is changing and the USA is losing its military supremacy.  The UK has already lost its (except when it is teamed up with the USA).  And top powers that lose their military supremacy have historically been taken over by others.  Yes, this satellite and sharing of secrets is that serious.

The USA President and British Prime Minister are in tough spots.  Both are effectively bankrupt and cannot afford to maintain their military forces to the degree that they have had in the past.  So while deals with Russia and the Europeans may seem to make carnal sense, the biblically reality is that they are dangerous for the USA and UK and will lead to their ultimate destruction.

Without national repentance, the days of the USA, UK, and their Anglo-descended allies are numbered.  Sharing secrets with current and/or future enemies will make their destruction easier.

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