‘US Tops 100,000 New Confirmed Coronavirus Cases … The pandemic is also sweeping across Europe for a second time’ ‘When diseases jump from animals to humans … how can we better prevent that from happening again? ‘

Chinese Horseshoe Bat (Naturalis Biodiversity Center)


The world is still reeling under COVID-19 restrictions and reports of rising case numbers:

US Tops 100,000 New Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

November 5, 2020

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States, the nation recorded more than 100,000 confirmed new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, according to The COVID Tracking Project, an effort sponsored by The Atlantic magazine.

The nation is experiencing a resurgence of coronavirus cases, especially across the Midwest and the so-called Great Plains region that spans large parts of the central and western U.S. The COVID Tracking Project also recorded more than 50,000 hospitalizations across the U.S. for a second consecutive day Wednesday.

The pandemic is also sweeping across Europe for a second time. …

The continent’s latest outbreak is not only affecting its people. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced Wednesday that the government will have to destroy 15 million minks in the country to minimize the risk of them re-transmitting COVID-19 to humans.

Frederiksen said a report from the government agency that maps the coronavirus has identified a mutation in the virus from 12 people who were infected. Denmark is one of the world’s largest producers of mink furs. https://www.voanews.com/covid-19-pandemic/us-tops-100000-new-confirmed-coronavirus-cases

Notice also the following:

When diseases jump from animals to humans

4 November 2020

AIDS, Ebola, and the new coronavirus are all zoonotic diseases that jumped from wild animals to us. So how can we better prevent that from happening again? https://www.dw.com/en/when-diseases-jump-from-animals-to-humans/av-55499892

Where did COVID-19 come from? Notice the following:

Where Did The Coronavirus Originate? Virus Hunters Find Genetic Clues In Bats

The 2003 outbreak of SARS was eventually traced to horseshoe bats in a cave in the Yunnan province of China, confirmed by a 2017 paper published in the journal Nature. It was a detective hunt that took over a decade, sampling the feces, urine, or blood of thousands of horseshoe bats across the country and seeing if those samples are a genetic match to the virus. …

In early January 2020, Chinese scientists sequenced the entire genome for SARS-CoV-2 and published it online. Researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China compared its genome to a library of known viruses — and found a 96% match with coronavirus samples taken from horseshoe bats from Yunnan.

“But that 4% difference is actually a pretty wide distance in evolutionary time. It could even be decades,” says Dr. Robert F. Garry, professor of microbiology and immunology at Tulane University School of Medicine.

That extra 4% suggests the SARS-CoV-2 may not have evolved from bats alone, but may include viral material from another animal. In that case, the virus would have continued to evolve through natural selection in that animal. Moreover, that other animal may have acted as an “intermediate host,” ultimately transmitting the virus to humans.

With this coronavirus, scientists aren’t fully clear on whether an intermediate host was involved nor the chain of cross-species transmission to humans. Early reports suggested the pangolin, also called scaly anteaters, which are vulnerable to illegal wildlife trade.

Robert Garry and fellow researchers have hypothesized that SARS-CoV-2 could be a blend of viruses from bats and another animal.

“The receptor binding domain actually shares a lot of sequence similarity to a virus that’s found in the pangolin” Garry said, referring to the receptor-binding mechanism that allows the virus to form a strong attachment to human cells. “So, those sequences probably did arise from a virus like the pangolin coronavirus, or maybe some other coronavirus that can circulate in pangolins or some other animals.” https://www.npr.org/2020/04/14/834109166/where-did-the-coronavirus-originate-virus-hunters-find-genetic-clues-in-bats

Experts say SARS-CoV-2 originated in bats. https://www.webmd.com/lung/coronavirus-history accessed November 5, 2020

Yes, human consumption of biblically unclean animals, like bats, seems to be a cause of the current problem. And the “experts” have known this for most of this year, but have not seriously considered reminding people what the Bible teaches about bats and other unclean animals.

The Bible specifically teaches that humans should not eat bats. Notice:

12 But these you shall not eat: the eagle, the vulture, the buzzard, 13 the red kite, the falcon, and the kite after their kinds; 14 every raven after its kind; 15 the ostrich, the short-eared owl, the sea gull, and the hawk after their kinds; 16 the little owl, the screech owl, the white owl, 17 the jackdaw, the carrion vulture, the fisher owl, 18 the stork, the heron after its kind, and the hoopoe and the bat. (Deuteronomy 14:11-18)

Avoiding consuming biblically-unclean meat is something that is wise. Yet, we are not hearing major governments telling people to stop eating unclean animals.

According to a lecture that I watched from Columbia University as part of a virology program, ALL HUMAN VIRUSES ORIGINATED IN OTHER ANIMALS. Even if that is not 100% accurate, the fact is that much of the time, biblically unclean animals are at least partially the cause of viruses that impact humans. Let me add that when you actually look at viruses or models of them, it is clear that they are complex biological structures. While viruses, of themselves are technically not alive, they are composed of structures that would have come from living organisms. It is my view (and I was granted a certificate in virology following months of coursework) that it seems that the human digestive system was not intended to fully digest unclean animals. And, in rare instances, this incomplete digestion results in biological fragments that can become viruses. While this does not happen very often, when you have billions of people eating biblically unclean animals, it happens often enough that many of the pandemics throughout history have been associated with biblically unclean animals.

Avoiding the consumption of biblically unclean animals as well as not doing virus experiments with biblically unclean animals could prevent some pandemics.

However, since humans often ignore God’s admonitions, more pestilences are expected (e.g. Matthew 24:8).

Various unclean animals, like pangolins, have also been implicated in COVID-19.

Pangolin (Piekfrosch)

As reported here before, one view is that viruses in two unclean animals resulted in SARS-CoV-2, while another is that the bat virus went to snakes or pangolins to humans:

Coronavirus Could Be a ‘Chimera’ of Two Different Viruses, Genome Analysis Suggests

[W]e have all learned a lot about COVID-19 and the virus that causes it: SARS-CoV-2. …

In which animal species did it occur? A bat, a pangolin or another wild species? Where does it come from? … many Betacoronaviruses have been discovered, mainly in bats, but also in humans. …

These results indicate that bats, and in particular species of the genus Rhinolophus, constitute the reservoir of the SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 viruses. … genomic comparisons suggest that the SARS-Cov-2 virus is the result of a recombination between two different viruses, one close to RaTG13 and the other closer to the pangolin virus. In other words, it is a chimera between two pre-existing viruses.

This recombination mechanism had already been described in coronaviruses, in particular to explain the origin of SARS-CoV. It is important to know that recombination results in a new virus potentially capable of infecting a new host species.

For recombination to occur, the two divergent viruses must have infected the same organism simultaneously.

Two questions remain unanswered: in which organism did this recombination occur? (a bat, a pangolin or another species?) 03/24/20 https://themindunleashed.com/2020/03/coronavirus-could-be-a-chimera-of-two-different-viruses-genome-analysis-suggests.html

As scientists scramble to learn more about the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, two recent studies of the virus’ genome reached controversial conclusions: namely, that snakes are intermediate hosts of the new virus, and that a key coronavirus protein shares “uncanny similarities” with an HIV-1 protein. Now, a study in ACS’ Journal of Proteome Research refutes both ideas and suggests that scaly, anteater-like animals called pangolins are the missing link for SARS-CoV-2 transmission between bats and humans. 03/26/20 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/03/200326144342.htm

If this is a combination of two other viruses and/or multiple animals are involved, this would explain why some have felt that it was intentionally (like as an agent for Biological Warfare) or accidentally made by humans in a lab, or, if not, why it might look that way.

Either way, if people did not eat biblically unclean animals, the risk from various diseases, including COVID-19 would be reduced. And if COVID-19 was made in a lab (accidentally or otherwise), it was likely unclean animals were involved.

But having people avoid eating them is not a solution that we expect to see implemented before the return of Jesus and the establishment of the millennial portion of the Kingdom of God.

All need to heed the word of God.

Human beings should not eat biblically unclean animals.

World Net Daily (WND) posted the following:

Biblically unclean animals responsible for pandemics

April 14, 2020

Nearly every influenza pandemic for the last 1,000 years would have been prevented if the Bible’s prohibition against “unclean” animals had been headed, argues Bible teacher David Rives. … “Do you find it even slightly curious that this pandemic — responsible for countless tens of thousands of deaths around the world — originated from what appears to be the consumption of BATS in China?” …

“Was God simply placing oppressive rules upon His people so that he could punish them when they broke His commands?” he asked. “Or do we believe that everything commanded by the Lord is not only just, but for our own good as well?”

Rivas noted that, genetically, some animals are remarkably adept at passing on deadly diseases to humans.

Research into past pandemics shows the following animals, along with mosquitoes and fleas, have been responsible for pandemics:

  • Pigs (Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, Swine Flu)
  • Bats and certain other avian creatures (SARS, MERS, and Covid-19)
  • Pangolins (possibly Covid-19)
  • Chimpanzees (HIV/AIDS)
  • Rats (Black Death, Great Plague of London, Third Plague)
  • Camels (MERS)
  • Dogs (Hong Kong Flu, Asian Flu)
  • Civet Cats [mongoose-like creatures] (SARS)

Those animals are on the list God gave to Moses of animals forbidden for the Jewish people. https://www.wnd.com/2020/04/biblically-unclean-animals-responsible-pandemics/

Three points about the above

  1. Noah knew clean and unclean animals (cf. Genesis 7:2,8; 8:20), hence this was not just a list for Jews to avoid (plus the lists in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 were told to all the tribes of Israel, not Judah only). Plus, no early faithful Christian is ever shown to have knowingly eaten biblically-unclean animals (see also The New Testament Church, History, and Unclean Meats).
  2. Yes, involvement with the consumption of biblically-unclean animals has been responsible for many major pandemics.
  3. No, since rats were not eaten, consuming them was not really the cause of the plague.

That being said, fleas and ticks were believed to be the cause of the plague. Some argue that rats did not carry the specific ones to a great degree, but that humans did (e.g. https://www.history.com/news/rats-didnt-spread-the-black-death-it-was-humans).

Now, interestingly, European Jews tended to get the plague less than other Europeans.

But it is not believed to have been related to the avoidance of eating rats, but because Jews tended to follow biblical guidelines on sanitation better than the non-Jews in Europe.

But the bottom line is that if people would not consume biblically-unclean animals, we would have less problems with pandemics.

Humanity needs to repent of doing so.

But we still are not hearing major calls to tell people to stop eating biblically unclean animals.

Partially, because of that, more deaths from pestilences are prophesied.

7 When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.” 8 So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6:7-8)

Notice that the “beasts of the earth” will be responsible for massive amounts of deaths related to the ride of the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse (here is a link to our latest sermon: Fourth Horseman, COVID, and the Rise of the Beast of Revelation). The Bible tends to use the term “beasts” for biblically-unclean creatures.

Despite such warnings in the Bible, the “experts” are not pushing, to any major degree, the prohibition of the consumption of biblically unclean animals.

Humans should repent, but most will not:

9 … they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent and give Him glory. (Revelation 16:9)

Without massive repentance, massive pandemics are coming. Scientists may stop some diseases, but they will not be able to stop the prophesied deaths that will come.

With all the lockdowns and economic disruptions for COVID-19, you would think the world would realize that it should repent and stop eating unclean animals.

Do not count on that until the return of Jesus and the establishment of the millennial Kingdom of God .

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