Hundreds of thousands protest against homosexual marriage in Paris

François Hollande Janvier (© Matthieu Riegler, CC-BY)


There were major protests in Paris:

January 14, 2013

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Paris yesterday in opposition to plans to give gay couples the right to marry and to adopt children…

Police said 340,000 people joined the marches, while organisers put the figure at one million, claiming the biggest turnout for any protest in France in 30 years.

France already allows civil unions between same-sex couples and president François Hollande made an election campaign pledge to extend their rights. He has a big enough majority in parliament to enact the law, but the debate has mobilised conservatives and become the most divisive issue of Mr Hollande’s term so far…

Large coalition

Strongly backed by the Catholic hierarchy, Ms Barjot and groups working with her mobilised a large coalition that included Catholics and political conservatives as well as some Muslims, evangelicals and even homosexuals opposed to gay marriage.

The Élysée Palace said the turnout was “substantial” but would not change Mr Hollande’s determination to pass the reform.

January 14, 2013

Paris – Several hundred thousand people massed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Sunday to protest against President Francois Hollande’s plan to legalise gay marriage and adoption by June…

Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, a Catholic leader who launched the opposition with a critical sermon in August, greeted protesters in southern Paris but did not march with them.

Support for gay marriage in France has slipped by about 10 percentage points to under 55 percent since opponents began speaking out, according to surveys, and fewer than half of those polled recently wanted gays to win adoption rights.

While the Church of Rome may not win in all of its plans related to this subject, it certainly has made its voice heard.  And once there are signs and lying wonders (2 Thessalonians 2) more will be willing to stand up for what the Church of Rome wants.

Last Spring, when he became France’s president-elect, I wondered if we might see riots under his administration (see France Gets a New President: Could France Later Have Riots?).

The Bible tells of a basically European kingdom (which will include at least part of France if not all of it) that will be partially strong, partially weak, and with a fragile unity (Daniel 2:41-43), but that will have a frightening type of economic dominance (see Revelation chapters 13,17,18). This kingdom will have a religion and it will at first claim ties to Roman Catholicism.

The Bible also tells of a time when a European power will reorganize (Revelation 17:12-13). While I do not believe that we are to the point of fulfilling the reorganization required by Revelation 17:12-13, it seems that a variety of steps will be necessary for the final reorganization to occur. Some of those steps, especially if they involve austerity/budget cuts and immigration policies, may stir more violent protests in the future. Moral issues, from various ones, are also likely to be a factor.

Violent protests can lead to militaristic leaders rising up, and a major militaristic leader rising up is consistent with biblical prophecy (cf. Daniel 11:39-44; Revelation 13:3-4).

Yesterday’s protests in Paris may be a prelude to that. as well as other protests that we have seen in Europe in recent years.

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