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An email received from GCI (Grace Communion International, essentially the group that originally ran the new and changed Worldwide Church of God), had a link to an article from its president Greg Williams that contained the following:

It is my pleasure and joy to share the news that Celestine Olive and Jennifer Gregory have been nominated and elected to serve alongside the current Board Directors (Chair Dr. Joseph Tkach, Vice Chair Dr. Randy Bloom, CFO and Secretary Mathew Morgan, GCI President Dr. Greg Williams, Dr. Russell Duke, and Pastor Tommie Grant).

It is a “Welcome back” to Celestine, as she has served a previous term on the Board. She is now retired from GCI employment and serving actively as an elder in the Lancaster, CA, congregation. (see her attached bio)

Jen will be coming on as a Board Director for the first time. She serves side by side with her husband Anthony as they pastor the Grove City, OH, congregation. Welcome Jen! (see her attached bio)

I think we all can appreciate the quote from the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.” 11/25/20 https://update.gci.org/2020/11/president-letter/

Really? Quoting the staunch abortionist Ruth Bader Ginsburg as support for putting women in all places decision are to be made? This is particularly odd for a church considering that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was involved in making many bad, anti-biblical decisions for the USA (see also Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies on Rosh Hashana, but Jewish tradition on that being righteous is in error and Justice Ginsburg: Americans are ready for homosexual marriage to be a Constitutional right).

Having met one or two of GCI’s board members, seeing one quote RGB as an authority is not a surprise.

GCI does not get many of its positions from the Bible.

Anyway, GCI is NOT a COG, but another of the world’s Protestant denominations.

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