Instead of Feast of Tabernacles, Big Sandy to Host Protestant Camp Next Week

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The grounds at Big Sandy, Texas made the news today:

5 October 2011

ALERT Academy Family Camp Slated Next Week

Families will gather at the International ALERT Academy in Big Sandy next week for its 11th annual family camp…

Three guests also will speak at the event.

Dr. Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary…Mark Cahill is author of “One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven.”…Internationally known speak-er and horse trainer, Lew Sterrett…

The biblical Feast of Tabernacles begins next week (sunset Wednesday) and that is what used to be observed on the grounds of Big Sandy.  Big Sandy once was a campus of Ambassador College when it was part of the old Worldwide Church of God (the campus was sold several years ago).

In 1980, I attended the Feast of Tabernacles in Big Sandy.  I was one of very few who actually simply brought a very small tent and lived in it during the Feast.  In addition to dealing with mosquitoes, I recall that it rained so much that if I were to have turned to one side or the other in my tent while sleeping, I would have gotten soaked as rain water came into my supposedly water resistant tent.

Near the end of the Feast, a family with a large camper felt pity on me.  If I recall correctly, they let me spend one or two nights in their large modern camper (or travel trailer).

But getting back to the main point of what this post is supposed to be about, God’s Holy Days used to be kept at the Big Sandy campus, but are no longer.  We in the Living Church of God believe that God’s Holy Days help better reveal God’s plan of salvation.  A message that tends to not be understood by the Protestant groups.  Simply utilizing the grounds of the Big Sandy campus for a family camp will not restore the truth about salvation to them.

But studying the Bible, observing the Holy Days, prayer, and careful consideration of these matters might.

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